Process Control Equipment

Autocaster Continuous Casting Systems

Cultured Marble Continuous Casting

Automated, continuous casting for cultured marble and cultured onyx manufacturing.

Ultra CM325

The ultimate technology available for high throughput continuous casting!

Application: Automated, continuous casting for cast polymer and other composites manufacturing.


The Autocaster Ultra™ continuous casting machine and associated Ground Hoppers automate filler loading, recipe management, mixing and dispensing of cultured marble matrix for cast polymer manufacturing for unparalleled continuous casting production.
Polymer Concrete Economizer

Application:  Automated, continuous casting of cultured marble or polymer concrete matrix for low to medium production requirements.

Autocaster Economizer now available in either Cultured Marble or Polymer Concrete editions!

Like the Autocaster Ultra, the Autocaster Economizer automates the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing, replacing manual mixing methods with the automated, continuous casting capability. Like the Autocaster Ultra, the Economizer will significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality all leading to increased profitability for the manufacturer.