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Gruber Systems Manually Operating Clay Extruder

Gruber' Manual Clay and/or Wax Extruder automates and simplifies the production of beads of tooling wax or tooling clay for use during mold setup to create smooth, radiused edge contours where two molds or mold sections join.

  • Easy, convenient, most affordable, but requires electricity supply to station.

Both the Manual or the Pneumatic Clay Extruder produce the same output (a bead of tooling clay or tooling wax), so the choice of which unit is best depends primarily on the volume of tooling wax or clay beads that are required.

The Manual Clay Extruder utilizes a Ratchet Tool to activate the system and create a bead of tooling clay or wax. This ratchet tool attaches to the spindle shown above and manually operated.

For small shops, the manual extruder offers lower cost, and requires manual activation to create a string of tooling wax or bead output.
For larger volume shops, or for shops that just prefer a more automated (pneumatically activated) push button operation - the Pneumatic Extruder is likely the best choice.

Applications for both extruders have historically been manufacturing facilities producing cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured stone, solid surface, polymer concrete and more recently concrete casting and fabrication applications (call for more information)


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