These extruding consumable supplies are used with Gruber Systems' Manual Extruder or Pneumatic Extruder. These supplies include Extrudable Tooling Clay, EX-Wax Extrudable Tooling Wax, and Wax (and Clay) Radius Tools.


Extrudable Tooling Clay

Extrudable Tooling ClayMarshall Gruber's Extrudable Tooling Clay is used for the same purposes as Ex-Wax or other Extrudable Tooling Wax - to create a smooth radius between the edge of a floating bowl mold and the surface of the vanity deck on which it is positioned. No special applicator tools or heat are required in its use - however, our Wax and Clay Radius Tools simply the job and produce a superior radius. This clay is extruded through either the Manual or Pneumatic Wax/Clay Extruder.  Packaged in 20 stick, 5 lb. boxes of individually wrapped 4 oz sticks. A Marshall Gruber Company product.


EX-Wax Extrudable Tooling Wax

Extrudable Tooling ClayMarshall Gruber's Ex-Wax Extrudable Tooling Wax offers the best characteristics of both fillet wax and modeling clay. Ex-Wax leaves a smooth radius, doesn’t contain solvents, tools easily, and is extrudable. This wax is extruded through either the Manual or Pneumatic Wax/Clay Extruder. A box contains 12 sticks, and weighs 2 lbs. Each box weighs 2 lbs. A case contains 12 boxes of 12 sticks each, or 144 total sticks. A Marshall Gruber Company product.


Wax (and Clay) Radius Tools

Wax and Clay Radius Forming ToolsQuickly create a smooth, clean wax radius with these handy, simple hand tools that work well and reduce fatigue.

Order Information
#1 (1/4 - 1/8 Radius) - Each - #01031
#2 (1/2 - 3/8 Radius) - Each - #01032
#3 (3/4 - 5/8 Radius) - Each - #01033

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Note: The Extrudable Clay and Wax products shown above are available the manufacturer (Marshall Gruber Company), but for your convenience, Gruber can supply these items along with your initial Manual or Pneumatic Clay Extruder purchase.