Equipment for metering of raw materials, powders/bulk fillers, and blended cultured marble or solid surface matrix.


Batchmaster III Automated Metering System

BatchmasterIII 150tAutomated metering and batch mixing of cast polymer matrix

The third generation Batchmaster III provides the best features of weight-based and volumetric metering systems in a single system that is the most flexible and reliable on the market. It provides recipe-based, automated batch mixing cultured marble, cultured onyx, solid surface, or other cast polymer matrix, which is conveniently dispensed out of a barrel.




Ground Hoppers

Ground Hopper PC150Bulk material metering and conveying systems

Gruber offers a variety of Ground Hoppers for a variety of applications - including Cultured Marble, Solid Surface, Polymer Concrete and other Bulk Powder metering or conveying requirements.