Automated Metering and Batch Mixing of Cast Polymer and other materials

The third generation Batchmaster III provides the best features of weight-based and volumetric metering systems in a single system that is the most flexible and reliable on the market. It provides recipe-based, automated batch mixing cultured marble, cultured onyx, solid surface, or other cast polymer matrix, which is conveniently dispensed out of a barrel.

The Batchmaster III is the fastest, most accurate, easiest to use, most flexible and most reliable batch mixing system available in the marketplace. Using this system will reduce your labor costs, and minimize material waste from inefficient manual mixing operations.

bmiiiKey features include:

Three different metering modes - Combining the best features of weight-based and volumetric metering, the dispensing system can be used in three different metering modes - Weight Gain, Weight Loss, and Volumetric. The system will store up to 20 different cast polymer matrix formulations, and mix those with push button convenience. The system also features a completely redesigned user-friendly and convenient touch screen control panel (shown at right).

Resin system: The Batchmaster III uses a rotary gear pump for the fastest most accurate metering of resin in the industry. Along with the computer controlled resin heating system the operator has the ability to meter heated resin to a desired output temperature. When the resin system is in the stand- by mode the resin is recirculated through the heat exchanger to constantly maintain control of the resin temperature. If desired, additional valving can be added to the system to recirculate and heat the resin source/day tank to a second desired temperature.

Filler System: The filler metering hopper on the Batchmaster III uses a three inch core auger that accurately dispenses the desired amount filler requested. The hopper has an integrated anti bridge system to ensure accurate metering. With the addition of a weight loss scale the filler metering system will accurately meter by weight those materials that don’t normally flow well. The Batchmaster III also has the ability to operate an optional second filler hopper. This feature will allow the user to produce matrix with multiple filler combinations. Built into the metering hopper is a level sensor that will automatically activate the optional ground hopper that will keep the metering hopper filled. This ground hopper system gives the user the ability to use a bulk filler system freeing up the task of loading individual bags of filler and reducing the accompanying paper waste. Catalyst System: The most recent improvement in the Batchmaster III. The integrated catalyst system in the Batchmaster III accurately meters the desired quantities of catalyst. The system has a six gallon reservoir that allows an operator to run all day without adding catalyst. The system while in stand-by mode is continually circulating and offers a consistent blend of catalyst with immediate and accurate delivery. The pump used in the Batchmaster III is the same pump that has been used in our continuous cast machines for years.

Base Colors: The Batchmaster III base color system utilizes our time-tested and proven base color technology found in Gruber’s other continuous casting systems. In addition, rotary gear pumps are employed to continually circulate the pigment base while in the stand-by mode, minimizing any material settling and ensuring consistent and accurate material delivery. The unit also has the ability to operate two separate base color systems.
Description/Order Number (Base System)
Batchmaster™ III Automated Metering System (Volumetric only) - #150131
Batchmaster™ III Automated Metering System (with Weight Loss Option) - #18038
Optional Accessories:
Ground Hopper for Batchmaster (45 degree auger incline) - #150445B
Catalyst Metering System - #30BMCA
Add Second base color - #CMBCS-1C
Bulk Bag Suspender Frame - #150160
Base Color System with Stand - #163770
Weight Loss Scale (recommended for lightweight fillers) - #180389
Weight Gain Scale (2500 lb capacity, floor model) - #180390
Low Level Sensor (for Ground Hopper) - #162967
Bulk Bag Support - #150160
Batchmaster Rotator - #150215
Batchmaster Catalyst Dispenser - #30BMCA
1-Base Color Unit with Stand - #163770
Micron Filter - #111095
Y-Strainer (with filter included) - #160296
Poly Pro Ball Valve (for resin) - #0832100
Inline Resin Security Valve (use with Bulk Resin system) - #162168
Quick Release Assembly (resin hook-up kit, 10' of hose with fittings) - #150600
Resin Transfer Hose (per foot) - #111571
Stand for Resin Tote Bin - #111474T-R
Resin Tote Bin - #111474-R
Other Related Accessories
Bulk Bag Gantry - 6-Leg, 20' - #08312081
Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor, per 10' section - #0831216
Shuttle Base (Wheels), 12' long (used with weight loss unit) - #1100455H
Shuttle Cart (for 1100455H), Each - #163027
350 lb Blender Shuttle Cart - #150114*
350 lb Blender Shuttle Cart with Track to Scale - #150115**
350 lb Blender Shuttle Cart for 2nd Cart on 150115 - #162247
* Forward only shuttle to be used with one blender only (Weight Gain)
** Shuttle system designed to move sideways can use two carts (350 lb Blenders)(Weight Gain)