Batchmaster-specific Ground Hopper and Bulk Bag Suspender Frame

Special version Gruber Ground Hopper and Bulk Bag Suspender Frame option for use with the Batchmaster III Metering System.

To help add greater capacity and throughput for large batch mixing jobs, Gruber offers a special edition of our Ground Hopper for use with Batchmaster Metering System, along with a Bulk Bag Suspender Frame.

The Ground Hopper meters a constant supply of filler to the top of the Batchmaster, greatly increasing the amount of output you can get without having to add more filler to the Batchmaster's smaller metering hopper.

Additionally, a Bulk Bag of filler material can be suspended above the Ground Hopper to add an additional bulk bag worth of filler on top of the built in capacity of the Ground Hopper and the Batchmaster. In the picture at left, the Bulk Bag Suspender Frame is shown sitting on top of the Ground Hopper. Hanging from the Bulk Bag Suspender is a bulk bag.

With the addition of these optional productivity enhancers, your production team will spend far less time loading fillers, and more time producing batch mixes of cast polymer material with the recipe-controlled Batchmaster metering/batching system.

Side View
BMwBBS sideview
Top View
BMwBBS topview
Order Information:
Ground Hopper (Batchmaster version) - #150445B 
Bulk Bag Suspender Frame - #150160