Mold Supplies and Accessories

From Gruber Systems and Marshall Gruber Company

Mold Setup

00206 150endstopdividers125Gruber Systems offers our own Mold Setup products, as well as additional items from Marshall Gruber Company. These products are tools and supply products that are used to in conjunction with Gruber Systems' cast polymer molds, and include items such as Permanent and Reusable Hats, Speedy Plugs, Divider Bars, Tooling Wax, Tooling Clay, Bead Extruders, Waxing Tools, Speedy Plugs, etc.  For Marshall Gruber products, we recommend purchasing from them directly, but Gruber Systems can also supply those products if you prefer.

Marshall Gruber website


Gruber Permanent and Reusable Hats

"Hats" refer to both Permanent Hats, and Reusable Hats, which are alternatives to traditional female molds. Marshall Gruber Hats can be a time-saving and ultimately cost-effective alternative compared to use of a female mold.

Speedy Plugs provide a finished cut-out in a vanity top mold for undermounted or drop-in bowls.


Mold Track

The mold Track mounts on the bottom of any Gruber mold to guide the mold along a conveyor system.

Gruber Mold Setup Clamps

Gruber Systems offers a variety of high quality professional clamping systems for casting, fabrication or installation requirements. Useful for cultured marble, solid surface and other cast polymer manufacturing or fabrication needs.

Gruber Mold Setup Wedges
Mold wedges from quality hardwood or durable plastic are used for a variety of purposes around the shop, but are used primarily to level molds when casting cultured marble, solid surface or other cast polymer material - or to assist in demolding the cast part from the mold. Other uses are limited by your imagination!!