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From Gruber Systems and Marshall Gruber Company

Divider Bars

dividersGruber manufactures Urethane End Stop Divider Bars for use in our No Bowl Decks and other applications. Divider bars are used to establish the end boundaries for custom sized vanity and modular deck castings.

Gruber offers a variety of divider bars in a variety of materials and options:


End Stop Divider Bars

These reusable dividers are indispensable for custom set-ups where cove-back or integral backsplash molds are involved. Designed to fit the contours of a specific cove-back mold, End-Stop dividers are used to establish the end boundaries for custom sized tops. Manufactured of a urethane material that provides a more finished edge on the part.

By far the most popular are the black reinforced, as they are more durable, but you can choose from either reinforced (black), or unreinforced (yellow):

01079R sm

Reinforced (Black)

01081 sm

Unreinforced (Yellow)



Also available - End Stop Dividers for Corniced Window Sill Molds


Gruber can also supply you with these other types of dividers, from Marshall-Gruber Company:

flexible plastic divider ba

Flexible Plastic Divider Bars are highly flexible material, which can be used to produce compound curves for a variety of custom, decorative decorative edge treatments.

Rigid Plastic Divider Bars are a very popular option, and are available in both low-density and high-density polyethylene, in several cross-section sizes.


aluminum front edge divider

Aluminium Front Edge / Corner Divider Bars are excellent for custom profile edges, without buying the fiberglass mold. All bars come 8’ in length. Flexible front edge polyethylene divider bars are also available.