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Easily de-mold heavy cast parts like bathtubs and panels.

Two Models - Dual (2) Cup, or Quad (4) Cup:
dualcuplifter 175  4cup lifter200
Do you cringe when you think about trying to "free" a finished panel from its mold? Many manufacturers have had the unsettling experience of prying or lifting a heavy, bulky panel far enough to squeeze their fingers underneath in order to raise the heavy piece from the mold. Gruber Systems Cup Lifters makes demolding of heavy cast parts like bathtubs and wall panels into an easy, simple and much safer experience!
The cup lifter is designed to assist in the demolding of cast products. Utilizing pneumatic suction cups the cup lifter used with a gantry or bridge crane, assists in reducing the effort required to demold cast products, such as panels and tubs.

The process of demolding large, heavy panels from their molds can be effortlessly accomplished with these Panel Lifters. The unit’s four large suction cups are lowered to the panel and attached by switching on the unit’s two vacuum pumps. Following slight lifting to attach safety straps, the unit is activated to lift the panel up and away from the mold and over to a waiting conveyor for finishing.



• Heavy duty steel construction
• Two or four pneumatic suction cups
• Includes two 2" safety straps
• Durable powder coating for protection
• Integrated pressure gauge
• Adjustable to fit almost any product

Dual (2-Cup) Tub Lifter

dualcuplifter 263

  • 750 lb capacity
  • Tub Demolding and others
  • Single pneumatic vacuum pump operated at 85 psi

The Dual-Cup Lifter is dsigned to assist in the demolding of cast products, including cast bathtubs and other cast product up to that size or weight. Utilizing pneumatic suction cups, the cup lifter is used with a Bridge Crane, assist in reducing the effort required to demold cast products.

This cup lifter features heavy-duty steel construction, two pneumatic suction cups, safety straps, and durable Gruber blue powder coating for lasting protection. Cup lifters are also adjustable to fit almost any product.

For demolding larger or heavier items, we recommend use of the quad (4) cup panel lifter, shown below.

Note: The Dual Cup Lifter shown above is equipped with 13" Suction Cups, however, their are a number of other Cup Lifters produced by Gruber Systems that use 10" and 9" Suction Cups. If you need parts for those Cup Lifters, please contact us.
Order Information:
Dual Cup Lifter, with 13" Suction Cups and Safety Straps - #083193

Quad (4) Cup Lifters

4cup lifter325

  • 1000 lb capacity
  • Panel Demolding and others
  • Dual pneumatic vacuum pumps operated at 85 psi

The 4-Cup Lifter utlizes 4 large suction cups, and includes two vacuum pumps to produce a strong vacuum required to lift heavy cast parts such as wall panels. A push on the hoist control button lifts the panel just enough to secure safety straps which hold the panel in the event of accidental shut-off of the system while lifting is in progress. With the straps in place, the button is again pushed to lift the panel up and away from the mold and over to a waiting conveyor for finishing.

The 10' unit is equipped, as mentioned, with four suction cups operated by two vacuum pumps. Each pump operates independently and activates two of the suction cupls, providing an important safety back-up. Should one pump fail, the second pump (and two other suction cups) would remain active to keep the panel in place.

The 4-Cup Panel Lifter is a tremendous benefit to the industry in an age of liability concerns over employee health problems, worker safety and Worker's Compensation claims. Let the 4-Cup Panel Lifter do the heavy work on your panel molds... its been engineered to take it!


Description/Order Number

Quad Cup (Panel) Lifter, 4 cup, 10’, Crated CE4CUP - #083191
Quad Cup (Panel) Lifter, 4 cup, 8’, Crated CE4CUP - #083192



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