Process Control Equipment and Automation Solutions for Cast Polymer and Composites Manufacturing

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Process Control Equipment and Automation Solutions for Cast Polymer and Composites Manufacturing

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Self-Metering Weight Loss Ground Hopper

Load cell based weight loss scale for precise material usage, with a control system to set up accurate batch filler metering jobs.

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Blending Filled Resin Systems

Eliminate labor-intensive manual batching of large quantities of filled resin for fiberglass laminates and other composite products with automating the blending of Filled Resin Systems.

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Continuous Casting with Autocaster

Turbocharge your production with Autocaster continuous casting systems.

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Polymer Concrete Continuous Casting

Continuously cast polymer-resin infused concrete with the Autocaster Ultra/PC Polymer Concrete Continuous Casting machine.

Autocaster Ultra/PC

Cultured Marble/Onyx Continuous Casting

Continuously cast cultured marble with the feature-rich Autocaster Ultra Continuous Casting machine Custom machine configuration shown

Autocaster Ultra

Autocaster Polymer Concrete Edition Economizer Continuous Casting Machine

Scaled down feature set of Autocaster Ultra Polymer Concrete machine for continuous casting of polymer concrete at a lower price point.

Autocaster Economizer PC

Continuous, Densified Solid Surface Casting

Continuously blend, dispense and cast degassed matrix like Solid Surface with the Vacuum Autocaster Ultra Continuous Casting machine

Vacuum Autocaster Ultra

Ground Hoppers

Bulk powder conveying to casting machine, or stand-alone version with PLC control available.

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Lightweight Filler Transfer

Pump and contain light weight fillers from a single storage point to the point of use with a single Pneumatic Ground Hopper and dual-feed pneumatic powder pump system.

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Batch Cultured Marble/Onyx Blending

Thoroughly blend batches of cultured marble or other matrix with Gruber's heavy-duty Blenders

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Batch Solid Surface Vacuum Mixing

Thoroughly blend and degass batches of solid surface matrix or other matrix with Gruber's heavy-duty Vacuum Mixers.

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Recipe-based Raw Material Dispensing with Batchmaster

Dispense precisely measured raw materials using recipe-controlled Batchmaster Metering and Dispensing system.

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Cultured Marble Manufacturing Plant Design & Equipment

Gruber offers equipment to produce a cultured marble manufacturing plant.

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Solid Surface Plant Design & Equipment

If you are planning or needing a solid surface manufacturing facility, call us!

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Process Control Equipment and Automation Solutions for Cast Polymer and Composites Manufacturing

About Gruber Systems

Gruber Systems provides automated casting equipment, batching equipment and other plant equipment used by cast polymer manufacturers to produce cast products from polymer concrete, cultured marble, solid surface and other polyester resin-based casting applications. Gruber Systems has a long history of delivering industrial-strength manufacturing equipment and products that automate and increase manufacturing efficiency for cast polymer manufacturers worldwide, including our Autocaster™ continuous casting systems, automated batch metering and dispensing systems, blenders and vacuum mixers, bulk filler handling systems and other process automation and production line equipment.
Cast Polymer Casting and Composites Manufacturing Solutions for:
Our products are used in these and other cast polymer manufacturing uses:

Continuous Casting

Our Autocaster series of continuous casting systems automate the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing. Increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality.


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Mold Design

Experience counts, and Gruber has extensive experience designing and producing durable, superior quality molds for composites and cast polymer manufacturing. Have a custom mold designed just for you.
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Continuous Casting

Gruber's popular Autocaster™ continuous casting machine is used by leading cultured marble, solid surface and polymer concrete manufacturers worldwide to efficiently increase production output, reduce labor costs, reduce raw material costs, and improve product quality.
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Plant Design

Gruber has decades of experience consulting with our customers worldwide to design and supply a cultured marble or solid surface manufacturing facility – no matter the size. We supply the equipment, molds, materials and supplies needed. We can install your plant, then provide on-site introductory training to your employees.

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