About Gruber Systems

Gruber Systems provides automated casting equipment, batching equipment and other plant equipment used by cast polymer manufacturers to produce cast products from polymer concrete, cultured marble, solid surface and other polyester resin-based casting applications. Gruber Systems has a long history of delivering industrial-strength manufacturing equipment and products that automate and increase manufacturing efficiency for cast polymer manufacturers worldwide, including our AutoCasterâ„¢ continuous casting systems, automated batch metering and dispensing systems, blenders and vacuum mixers, bulk filler handling systems and other process automation and production line equipment.

About Gruber Systems

Gruber Systems provides molds and automation equipment for cast polymer manufacturing, including cultured marble, solid surface, polymer concrete and other polymer-based casting applications. Learn more.


Gruber Systems is a global supplier of mold design and production, integrated process control systems for a wide range of composite manufacturing applications, and plant design and manufacturing solutions.


Learn which Gruber products are used in each of the following applications:

  • Cultured Marble and/or Cultured Onyx Manufacturing

  • Solid Surface Manufacturing

  • Polymer Concrete Manufacturing

  • Concrete Manufacturing/Fabrication

  • Bulk Filler Metering for other Batching Applications


Gruber is proud to be associated with an extensive network of Authorized Distributors in North America and other worldwide distribution points:

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Advanced Plastics

MVP España servicing Spain and Portugal

Magnum Venus Products España S.L.
(Serving Spain & Portugal)

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North American Composites (NAC)

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Ribelin Sales, Inc.

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Source 1 Inc.

Indiana Naval Stores
Global Business Alliance LLC
GlobMarble LLC
Welborne-Hutchison Co.



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