blending filled resin systems


Large quantities of filled resin are used in building the fiberglass laminate required in today’s composite products. This can require labor-intensive manual batching of the materials. Gruber Systems has put together a system that can automate the metering and blending process.


  • Recipe-based system that will meter and blend resin, filler, pigment and additives as needed.
  • PLC-based control system with color touch screen user interface
  • Output capacities from 50 to 130 lbs per minute
  • High efficiency mixing auger
  • Use resin from bulk tanks, totes or drums
  • Heat the resin using an integrated heater and heat exchanger
  • Single or multiple filler metering hoppers for Calcium Sulfate, Calcium Carbonate, Light Weight Fillers, or ATH
  • Single of multiple base colors


  • Optional: Add additives to mix as required – DMA, Cobalt, Air Release, etc.
  • Optional: Ground Hoppers to handle filler in bags or bulk sacks
  • Optional: Scale or Sensor assemblies for monitoring tank levels
  • Optional: Bulk Bag Gantry or Bulk Bag Suspender Frame for handling bulk sacks
  • Optional: 230 Gallon Tank with High Shear Mixer
  • Optional: 230 Gallon Tank with Agitator
  • Optional: Electrical Control Panels with High Shear Mixers and Agitators
  • Optional: Diaphragm Pumps for Tank-to-Tank Transfer or Tank-to-Recirculation Loop