Gruber Systems is a global supplier of integrated process control systems for a wide range of cast polymer and/or composite manufacturing applications, and cultured marble or solid surface plant design and manufacturing solutions.


Integrated Application Solutions

Gruber Systems delivers integrated process control systems, employing batch or continuous processing, volumetric or load cell based metering, PLC controls, and recipe based control systems.  These technologies can be applied to batch mixing, continuous mixing, vacuum processing, and dosing of materials using polyester, acrylic, urethane or epoxy resin systems.

Mixing/Blending Applications
Filled Resin System Batch Processing
Pre-Heat/Gelcoat Curing Systems


Integrated Manufacturing Plant Solutions

Gruber has extensive experience designing, manufacturing and installing engineered composite manufacturing facilities worldwide, including cultured marble, solid surface, polymer concrete and a wide range of other composites manufacturing requirements.

Engineered Composite Manufacturing
Cultured Marble Manufacuturing
Solid Surface Manufacturing
Polymer Concrete Manufacturing
Paint and Coating Manufacturing