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Position: Production Manager

Location: Valencia, CA
Posted: August 27, 2015
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Job Description

This position is responsible for organizing and scheduling production for industrial manufacturing company. Hands-on (on the floor) production and resource planning. Supervise semi- to highly-skilled production and/or maintenance employees to ensure the manufacture of products within established delivery, quality, safety and cost standards. The supervisor is the first-line liaison between the production employees and the management staff, and thus also serves the function of representing the company's interests with the shop floor staff. 5 years of production or manufacturing management experience required.


  • Responsible for job scheduling, and for ordering of required components and raw materials for just-in-time delivery to produce product by the required completion date for on-time shipment per production schedule.

  • Document internal processes, assist in continued refinement of Engineering Drawings, and ensure Bill of Materials (BOMs) are accurate.

  • Immediately identify and address quality issues or production delays.

  • Establish engaging employee environment regarding communications, feedback and overall guidance.

  • Establish and enact safe and efficient work procedures.

  • Monitor Control Plans, troubleshoot workmanship problems and supervise production activities to ensure that manufactured products meet or exceed all established quality requirements.

  • Administer employee policies, practices, procedures and work rules appropriate for the unit. Ensure that assigned staff has appropriate training, work instruction and tools to successfully do their job.

  • Monitor individual and line performance and take appropriate action, including discipline, and respond to complaints to insure that the Company and employees adhere to policies, practices, procedures and workplace rules.

  • Determine and adjust manufacturing priorities as required based on the production schedule, and make daily work assignments. Includes filling vacancies and assigning overtime in order to adhere to the required Customer Delivery date.

  • Works “hands-on” as needed to further production, perform maintenance, or train.

  • Plan for maintenance of equipment and facilities to maximize the uptime and utilization of capital equipment assets.

  • Monitor and makes correction measures as needed to meet departmental operating budget targets.

  • Directs departmental continuous improvement plans and activities. Implements and monitors safety programs and housekeeping.

  • Confirm that product is shipped with clear and professional documentation and initiate the creation of such documentation where there is none.

  • Forecasting production requirements, overseeing procurement, and scheduling of raw materials in order to meet these requirements.

Desired Skills:

  • Strong leadership, coaching and supervisory skills in an equipment manufacturing environment.

  • Must be a hands-on leader, strong communicator, and capable of applying sound judgment to business situations.

  • Good verbal and written communications skills. Bilingual in English and Spanish necessary.

  • Solid problem-solving abilities.

  • Strong mechanical skills.

  • Experience with modern machining tooling such as CNC lathe and/or mill.

  • Knowledge of manufacturing processing including metal fabrication and machining.

  • Must be comfortable using a computer to access and edit information as needed.

Beneficial skills:

  • Wiring experience

  • Control programming

  • Customer Service experience

  • Electrical and mechanical design skills

  • Experience in a job shop/services, as well as custom engineered product manufacturing

  • Experience with QuickBooks, Microsoft Office, SolidWorks or AutoCAD is a plus

About Gruber Systems

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