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Autocaster Continuous Casting Systems

The Autocaster Ultra series

Autocaster Continuous Casting Systems include:

The Autocaster series of continuous casting systems automate the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing. Replacing manual mixing with the Autocaster can significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality all leading to increased for the manufacturer. Useful for a variety of composites manufacturing applications, including cultured marble, densified solid surface, polymer concrete, and other composites manufacturing applications:

Autocaster™ systems include:

  • Autocaster Ultra - for automated production of cultured marble, cultured granite and cultured onyx

  • Autocaster Economizer - a lower output, less feature-intensive, more economical Autocaster continuous casting machine for those small and medium sized marble shops that don't need the capability of the Autocaster Ultra series.

  • Vacuum Autocaster Ultra - for automated production of densified solid surface matrix

  • Autocaster Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) - specific to production of polymer concrete

Ultra CM325

The ultimate technology available for high throughput continuous casting!

Application: Automated, continuous casting for cultured marble and cultured onyx manufacturing.


The Autocaster Ultra™ continuous casting machine and associated Ground Hoppers automate filler loading, recipe management, mixing and dispensing of cultured marble matrix for cast polymer manufacturing for unparalleled continuous casting production.
Polymer Concrete Economizer

Application:  Automated, continuous casting of cultured marble or polymer concrete matrix for low to medium production requirements.

Autocaster Economizer now available in either Cultured Marble or Polymer Concrete editions!

Like the Autocaster Ultra, the Autocaster Economizer automates the production of polymer matrix for cast polymer manufacturing, replacing manual mixing methods with the automated, continuous casting capability. Like the Autocaster Ultra, the Economizer will significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality all leading to increased profitability for the manufacturer.

Void-free Continuous Casting of Densified Polyester-resin based Cast Polymer Products

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra continuous casting system brings the benefits of automated vacuum-enhanced continuous casting to medium to large-scale polyester resin-based solid surface and other cast polymer manufacturing applications.

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra™ continuous casting machine automates the recipe management, mixing and dispensing of solid surface matrix for solid surface manufacturing.

Replacing manual mixing and casting with the Vacuum Autocaster Ultra™ can significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality – all leading to increased profits for the manufacturer.


Two machine options with different output levels:

  1. Standard output range is 30 - 60 lbs (approx 15 - 30 kg) per minute output.
  2. Option for lower machine output (ie. specialized precision casting)  of 15 - 30 lb (7 - 14 kg) per minute output.
Vacuum Autocaster

Developed specifically for Polymer Concrete manufacturing applications.

Autocaster/PC Polymer Concrete Continuous Casting System

The Autocaster Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) edition system automates the production of polymer concrete matrix for cast polymer concrete manufacturing of a variety of durable cast products.

Replacing manual mixing with the Autocaster/PC (Polymer Concrete) Edition system can significantly increase productivity, cut material costs and improve quality - all leading to increased profits for the manufacturer. Our many years of experience with continuous casting machines and cast polymer manufacturing equipment have led to innovative improvements that have been incorporated into this purpose-built Autocaster specially designed for production of polymer concrete cast products.

Shown with optional fiberglass strand chopper.


Now choose from three different polymer concrete Autocaster machines - depending on your needs!

Assuming 7 hours/day of casting in an 8 hour shift, produce well over 200,000 lbs (95,000 kg) in a single shift! with the 500 lb/minute machine)

Replacement Economizer Display

For all Autocaster Economizer Continuous Casting Machines

The display on your Autocaster Economizer is the heart of your machine. It is the critical interface to the machine, and to the machine's operation. After years of heavy use, we’ve seen some of these aging displays either fail, screen brightness fades, touchscreen sensitivity fails, or other issues that can cause a significant disruption to your ability to meet your daily production schedules. The original display included with the Economizer is also no longer commercially available.

Gruber now offers a brand new display that is dramatically improved compared to the original. To keep your production running without disruption, we encourage you to replace your old Economizer display with this new one before you experience any similar problems or failure with your display.

Side by side comparison of new (at left) compared to old (at right)

side by side comparison


Benefits of Display Replacement includes:

  • Assurance that your old display won’t fail during a critical time when a display failure can easily disrupt your production schedule that can cause production delays.

  • A significantly easier-to-read 5.7” screen, with sharper resolution (twice the resolution compared to the original), and greatly improved brightness and contrast.

  • Newest/modern screen display technology ensures that this display screen provides many years of OEM manufacturer support.

  • Includes an easy-to-install panel adaptor to fit behind the display cutout of the front operator panel and cable adaptor to allow your existing data cable to plug into this new generation display panel.

Don't wait for your aging unit to fail, which could disrupt your production for days waiting for a replacement screen. Replace that display now and benefit from much newer technology that offers years of reliable performance.


In addition to the Display itself, a Display Adapter Cable and Mounting Bezel are also included.

Replacement Economizer display Adaptor Cable

Adapter Cable

Replacement Economizer display bezel adaptor

Mounting Bezel

With the adapter cable, you just plug one end into your existing data cable, and the green connector shown attaches to the display. Very easy to install! This kit fits into all existing Autocaster Economizer machines.


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Upgrade Economizer Original Touch Screen with Enhanced 5.7" Touch Screen, includes a new 5.7" pre-programmed display, Mounting Bezel and Cable Adapter – Order No. 170755K

Individual components also available – contact Gruber Systems for details.


Display Panel Screen Protectors

For Autocaster Ultra and Economizer machines,
and Batchmaster II and III models!

Keep your machine's Control Panel screen clean and readable!

Screen Protector Product Details