Display Panel Screen Protectors

For Autocaster Ultra and Economizer machines,
and Batchmaster II and III models!

Keep your machine's Control Panel screen clean and readable!

Screen Protector Product Details

New brighter, modern replacement display for Autocaster Economizer

Autocaster Economizer Display

The display on your Autocaster Economizer is the heart of your machine. It is the critical interface to the machine, and to the machine's operation. After years of heavy use, we’ve seen some of these aging displays either fail, or the touchscreen sensitivity fails, or other issues that can cause a significant disruption to your ability to meet your daily production schedules.

Don't wait for your aging unit to fail, which could disrupt your production for days waiting for a replacement screen. Replace that display now and benefit from much newer technology that offers years of reliable performance.

Side by side comparison of new (at left) compared to old (at right)

side by side comparison

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