autocaster display panel screen protector

For Autocaster Ultra and Economizer machines,
and Batchmaster II and III models!

Keep your machine's Control Panel screen clean and readable!


  • Extend the life of your touchscreen and keep it looking like new!
  • Long lasting protection against dust, scratches and gouges.
  • Abrasion and chemical resistant to protect the LCD screen. Now clean matrix off the screen protector with acetone!
  • Anti-glare film provides added screen contrast and brilliant colors.
  • Installs easily, removes cleanly without leaving residue.
  • Filters out 99% of UV light from reaching your screen or reflecting to your eyes.
  • Reduce expensive service calls or touch screen replacements due to screen damage

Order Information and Pricing:

  • For Autocaster Ultra/PC systems from 2015 and newer Autocaster Ultra (fits TP1500 screen) - Order No. 166117  - USD $24.00
  • For Autocaster Ultra/PC systems pre-2015 (2014 and earlier) (fits MP370/377 screen) - Order No. 166120 - USD $15.50
  • For Batchmaster III and pre-2012 Autocaster Economizer systems (fits HG2F screens) - Order No. 166119 - USD $12.46
  • For 2013+ Autocaster Economizer systems (fits HG3F screens) - Order No. 166118 - USD $15.54
  • For Batchmaster II systems (fits TP170A screen) - Order No. 180376 - USD $12.46