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Autocaster Continuous Casting Systems

Void-free Continuous Casting of Densified Polyester-resin based Cast Polymer Products

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra continuous casting system brings the benefits of automated vacuum-enhanced continuous casting to medium to large-scale polyester resin-based solid surface and other cast polymer manufacturing applications.

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra™ continuous casting machine automates the recipe management, mixing and dispensing of solid surface matrix for solid surface manufacturing.

Replacing manual mixing and casting with the Vacuum Autocaster Ultra™ can significantly increase productivity, cut material cost and improve quality – all leading to increased profits for the manufacturer.


Two machine options with different output levels:

  1. Standard output range is 30 - 60 lbs (approx 15 - 30 kg) per minute output.
  2. Option for lower machine output (ie. specialized precision casting)  of 15 - 30 lb (7 - 14 kg) per minute output.
Vacuum Autocaster

Standard Configuration

Provided with the base unit of the solid surface machine are:
  1. Continuous Vacuum System
  2. Filler Metering Hoppers (2 standard)
  3. Base-color Metering System (1 included, additional available)
  4. Resin Metering System
  5. Catalyst Metering System
  6. Inline Heat Exchange System
  7. Dual-Stage Cleaning System
  8. Vacuum System




Standard output range is  30 - 60 lbs (approx 15 - 30 kg) per minute output.
Option for lower machine output (ie. specialized precision casting)  of 15 - 30 lb (7 - 14 kg) per minute.


Case hardened barrel
High efficiency, variable speed mixer


Vacuum degasser auger.
Durable vacuum pump with both wet and dry filters.
Wet oil percolating filter removes styrene to extend pump life.
Dry filter removes dust and other contaminants.
Exit filter removes any remaining particles.
Lowest emissions of any continuous casting system.


Two (2) Filler Metering Hoppers standard, Maximum of 4 permanent/fixed hoppers available.
Inverter controlled adjustable output
Hopper capacity 4 cubic feet (0.113 cubic meters)
Integrated anti-bridging


Maximum 2500 centipoise (at working temperature) promoted polyester resin
Overpressure sensor and bypass
Inverter controlled adjustable output
Integrated recirculating thermal fluid based heat exchanger with 12kW heater
Gravity feed resin input


Precision piston pump
Pressure sensor
Recirculating system with dual electronic flow sensors and visual display

Inverter controlled adjustable output
Storage capacity 5 gallons (18.9 liters)


One Base Color feed system standard (up to 7 additional can be added)
Precision gear pump
Liquid paste pigment up to 3000 centipoise (at working temperature)
Inverter controlled adjustable output
Storage capacity 5 gallons (18.9 liters) per base color


Dual cleaning system – internal and recirculating.
Air purge included
Internal cleaner 5 gallon (18.9 liter) storage
Recirculating cleaner 15 gallon (56.7 liter) storage
Recommended for use with DBE (Marblewash or equivalent)


Large 15" touch screen
Recipe presets with on-the-fly adjustments for resin, catalyst and output
Control panel mounted on adjustable arm
Integrated rate display and totalizers


TEFC or optional explosion proof
Mixing unit
Raw material feed units
Thermal pump unit


230/380/480 Volt, 3-Phase, 50/60 Hz, 80 amps max. Specify voltage.
24VDC control circuit


90 psi (620 kPa), 20 cfm (566 lpm)


54” wide x 80” deep x 112” high (137.2cm wide x 203.2cm deep x 284.48cm high)


3800 lb (1700 kg) depending on configuration

Base System - Order Information:

The Vacuum Autocaster Ultra is ordered in its base configuration, based on your electrical requirements:

Note: these order numbers are for polyester resin-based systems. Call for acrylic machine information.
230V, 60 Hz - #1000VS2H-230
380V, 50 Hz - #1000VS2H-380
480V, 60 Hz - #1000VS2H-480

Note: other electrical systems can be accomodated - call for details.

Base System Options - Order Information:

The base system can be upgraded and custom configured to suit your needs with these and other options/upgrades:
  • Additional Filler Metering Hoppers (two included standard, with a maximum of 4 permanent/fixed hoppers) - #UCFMH
  • Additional Base Colors (add up to 7 additional for 8 maximum)
    • Add 1 Base Color - #CMBCS-1C
    • Add 2 Base Color - #CMBCS-2C
    • Add 3 Base Color - #CMBCS-3C
  • High Output Mixing Auger
  • Cobalt Injector Assembly Option - #151000
  • Digital Batch Display Assembly - #162966
  • Expanded Heat Exchanger (High Output Option) - #163500
  • Higher output range options may be available upon request.



Equipment Requirements: All models should be hard-wired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyer’s expense.

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