Marble/Onyx Blenders

Gruber Process Equipment


For blending Cultured Marble, Onyx and other polyester resin based matrix.

GS2350 160

Thoroughly and automatically mix cultured marble matrix and other materials with this line of heavy-duty marble blenders:

Model 100 - 100 lb (45 kg) capacity, heavy-duty blender

Model 200 - 200 lb (90 kg) heavy-duty blender

Model 350 - 350 lb (158 kg) heavy-duty blender

Model GS1350 - 375 lb (170 kg) heavy-duty blender

Model GS2350 - Dual-pot, heavy-duty marble blender with flexibility to use a single 350 lb (158 kg) capacity pot, or both for a total 700 lb (317 kg) capacity

 All Gruber Blenders include:

• Heavy duty steel construction
• Heavy-duty, “TIG-welded” stainless steel mixing pot
• Heavy duty stainless steel blade
• Explosion-proof motor
• Available in either single or three phase, and in 50 or 60 Hz configurations (unless noted otherwise). 

Note: Maximum capacity dependent on matrix viscosity.


Heavy-duty 100 lb. (45 kg) capacity work-horse blender designed to thoroughly blend small batches of cultured marble or onyx matrix.

Heavy-duty 200 lb (90 kg) capacity batch cultured marble or cultured onyx blender, designed for manufacturers who use pre-mix matrix.

Heavy-duty, large 350 lb (158 kg) capacity batch cultured marble or onyx blender, designed for ease of use and cleaning.

Gruber GS1350 Blender


Heavy-duty batch cultured marble or onyx blender equipped with pneumatic boom and static mixing blade provides up to 375 lb (170 kg) capacity - perfect for large panels or bathtubs.

Gruber GS2350 Dual Vessel Blender

Heavy-duty, dual-mixing pot blender with two 350 lb (158 kg) capacity stainless steel pots for up to 700 lb total capacity, or for added flexibility to simultaneously blend two different formulations. Designed for batch cultured marble or onyx production.