There are two versions of Pot Dolly's for the 350 Lb Blender:

  • An "Original Style" Dolly that works with the originally designed 350 lb Blender (made up to 2019)
  • A new modified/updated design that works with any new 350 lb Blender made since 2019.


Back in approx. 2019, our Gearbox Manufacturer that had historically supplied all our Gear Reducers (Gearboxes) discontinued the entire line of products.  A replacement gearbox was sourced, but it is larger and will not fit in the same area that the original gearbox would fit. Therefore a design change to the 350 lb Blender was forced upon us to accomodate this larger gearbox. To complicate matters, the mixing pot in the redesigned 350 lb Blender sits taller - so the original Pot Dolly we have sold for years will not work with the redesigned 350 lb Blender.

For anyone with an "original style" 350 lb Blender (which would have a Baldor Gear Reducer inside the enclosure), would use the original style Pot Dolly shown below. If you are replacing your old Pot Dolly with a new one, you would order this "original style" Pot Dolly (shown at left below). However, if you are ordering a new 350 lb Blender (made after 2019), you would order the "newly updated" Pot Dolly (shown at right below):


Original old style Pot Dolly

Original "Old Style" Pot Dolly

Order No. 103502


Updated "New-Style" Pot Dolly

Order No. 167631


What was changed?

Because the Turntable is now taller on the new/updated 350 Blender design, the old Pot Dolly was not tall enough to fit a 350 lb Blender Mixing Pot properly. Extensions were added to the new design to allow it to fit. Please note those extensions below:


New Updated 350 Blender Pot Dolly (order number 167631)

new style 350 pot dolly 350px


Order Information

  • Pot Dolly for original 350 lb Blender (with "original design" 350 Blenders with the old Baldor Gearbox) - #103502 Order this one to replace "original style" original Blenders (with Baldor Gearboxes) made before 2020.
  • Pot Dolly for updated "new generation" 350 lb Blender (with New Gearbox) - #167631 (Order this one with new 350 Blender Purchases)

Note: if you have an old style Pot Dolly, you can convert it to work with a new style 350 lb Blender Mixing Pot. Contact Gruber Systems for details.