Solid Surface Vacuum Mixers

Gruber Process Equipment
Gruber GS1000 Vacuum Mixer

Eliminate air while blending solid surface matrix with a Gruber Vacuum Mixer! The GS1000 vacuum mixer has a aluminum tilting lid that swings up out of the way for easy movement of the pot. It comes with a 225 lb (102 kg) capacity, heavy-duty stainless steel mixing pot/vessel that can hold up to 16.8 gallons (63.5 liters) of solid surface matrix.

Like all Gruber Systems' Vacuum Mixers, this unit effectively evacuates air from the matrix during the matrix blending process, to produce void-free cast solid surface products. Vacuum mixed materials are condensed, void-free, durable products that can be fabricated to create popular designs in today's kitchen and bath market.

Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Stainless steel mixing pot with an approximate capacity of 225 lb (102kg), or 16.8 gallons (64 kg) of solid surface matrix.

  • Aluminum mixing vessel lid with replaceable seal

  • Heavy-duty contoured stainless steel blade

  • Vacuum pump that requires no oil.

  • Aluminum tilting lid that swings up out of the way for easy movement of the pot

  • Available in either single or three phase and 50 or 60 hz.


Electrical controls:

Vacuum pump and mixer drive motors are classified as U.L. and CSA explosion proof and are pre-wired to control switches that are rated for use in hazardous areas.

Power Requirements:
60 hertz:
230/460v 3Ø (3-phase):
Note: 230 volt 1Ø (single-phase) available, but not recommended.
50 hertz:
220/380/440v 3Ø (3-phase)
Note: 220 volt 1Ø (single-phase) available, but not recommended.
Mixing Vessel Drive:
  60 hertz 50 hertz
Input speed: 1725 rpm 1450 rpm
Reduction ratio: 25 to 1 20 to 1
Output speed: 69 rpm 72.5 rpm
Output torque: 1141 in. lb/ 1087 in. lb./
Oil capacity: 1qt./.946L 1qt./.946L
Vacuum Pump:
Rotary vane, fan cooled and oil-less. Separate drive motor base mounted and coupled to pump. Includes muffler, filter, vacuum relief valve and vacuum gauge.
60 hertz
Metric-vacuum (mbar): Free air flow 10 m3/h at 200mbar U.S./Imperial-vacuum (inch-hg): Free air flow 6cfm at 24“hg
50 hertz
Metric-vacuum (mbar): Free air flow 8 M³/H at 240mbar U.S./Imperial-vacuum (inch-hg): Free air flow 5CFM at 23”hg

Mixing Vessel:

Material Bottom - 10ga. (3.4mm) stainless steel domed tank head.
Side - 16ga. (1.6mm) stainless steel.
Vessel Dimensions Inside Dia. - 22” (559 mm)
Inside depth - 18½” (470 mm)
Maximum Mixing Capacity (Solid Surface)
16.8 U.S. Gallons (approx. 63.6 L)
225 lb (102 kg)
Minimum Allowable Mixing Capacity 50 lb (22.7kg)
Shipping Weight 48 lb (21.7kg)
Shipping Dimensions 30” x 28” x 18” (762mm x 711mm x 457mm)

Mixing Blade:

Material: 3/8” (10 mm) stainless steel flatbar contoured to mixing vessel with 1¼” (32 mm) i.d. x ¼” (6mm) wall stainless steel hub.
Features: Quick release 3/8” (10 mm) diameter stainless steel push button pin
Mixing Vessel Lid:
Material: ¾” (19 mm) thick x 25” (635mm) diameter aluminum plate.
Features: Utilizes a replaceable L-RTV rubber seal for pot rim.

Description and Order Number:

GS1000 Vacuum Mixers*:
GS1000 Vacuum Mixer, 230/460V, 1Ø (Single Phase), 60Hz - #166690
GS1000 Vacuum Mixer, 230/460V, 3Ø (3-Phase), 60Hz - #166691
GS1000 Vacuum Mixer, 220/380/440V, 1Ø (Single Phase), 50Hz - #166692
GS1000 Vacuum Mixer, 220/380/440V, 3Ø (3-Phase), 50Hz - #166693
* Specify voltage at time of order. Subject to availability.
Recommended Options:
GS1000 Pot Lifter Assembly Complete (Pot Lifter and Ring) - #111651
Additional GS1000 Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel - #111649
GS1000 Pot Lifter Ring (only) - #1116510
Mixer Accessories/Replacement Parts:
Gearbox Retrofit Kit - replace gearbox and mounting brackets in previous-generation GS1000 Vacuum Mixers (part numbers 111645, 111646,111647, 111648) - #166695
Stainless Steel Mixing Blade, GS1000 - #111650
Pneumatic Spring, GS1000/GS1500 - #111663
Pot Lifter (No Ring), GS1000 - #1116511
Polywiper Plastic Blade Edge Scraping Kit - fits GS1500/GS1000 and GS350 Vacuum MIxers - #0838160
RTV-L Seal Kit, GS1000 Vacuum Mixer (green seal at edge of pot lid) - #0838194 (Note: 1 kit required to replace the seal on the GS1000)
M-60 Replacement Filter M-723 - #111096

Crate GS1000 Vacuum Mixer - #CEGS1000M
Crate GS1000 Mixing Pot - #CEGS1000P


Equipment Requirements:

115 volt, 60 hertz mixers are equipped with power chord and plug for testing proposes only. 220 volt, 60 hertz and all 50 hertz models are equipped with a power chord only and would require a plug to match service outlet for testing purposes only. Mixers should be hardwired to an appropriate 30 amp circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.