Solid Surface Vacuum Mixers

Gruber Process Equipment
Gruber GS1500 Vacuum Mixer

Eliminate air while blending solid surface matrix with a Gruber Vacuum Mixer! The GS1500 vacuum mixer also uses a aluminum lid that swings up, but comes with a larger 325 lb (148kg) capacity mixing vessel can hold up to 24.5 gallons (92.7 liters) of solid surface material.

Like all Gruber Systems' Vacuum Mixers, this unit effectively evacuates air from the matrix during the matrix blending process, to produce void-free cast solid surface products. Vacuum mixed materials are condensed, void-free, durable products that can be fabricated to create popular designs in today's kitchen and bath market.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction

  • Stainless steel mixing pot with an approximate capacity of 325 lb (approximately 24.5 gallons of solid surface matrix)

  • Aluminum mixing vessel lid with replaceable seal

  • Heavy-duty contoured stainless steel blade

  • Vacuum pump that requires no oil.

  • Aluminum tilting lid that swings up out of the way for easy movement of the pot

  • Available in three phase, 50 hz or 60 hz only.


325 lb (148kg)
24.5 gallon (93 liters)
Overall Dimensions:
33" (W) x 49" (L) x 59" (H)
84 cm (W) x 124 cm (L) x 150 cm (H)
Overall Weight: approx. 800 lb (362 kg)

Description/Order Numbers:

GS1500 Vacuum Mixer Configurations:
GS1500 Vacuum Mixer - 240V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, Crated - #111690
GS1500 Vacuum Mixer - 380V, 3-Phase, 60 Hz, Crated - #111690-380
GS1500 Vacuum Mixer - 3-Phase, 50 Hz, Crated - #111699
GS1500 Vacuum Mixer - 3-Phase, 50 Hz, Specify voltage at time of order (220, 380, or 440V options), Crated - #111699HV
Recommended Accessories:
GS1500 Stainless Steel Mixing Pot - #111691
GS1500 Pot Lifter Ring only (for second pot) - #1116935


GS1500 Stainless Steel Mixing Vessel - #111691
Mixing Pot Handles, Stainless Steel, per pair - #166988
GS1500 Stainless Steel Mixing Blade - #111692
Polywiper Plastic Blade Edge Scraping Kit - fits GS1500/GS1000 and GS350 Vacuum MIxers - #0838160
RTV-L Seal Kit, GS1500 Vacuum Mixer (green seal at edge of pot lid) - #0838194 (Note: 1 kit required to replace the seal on the GS1500)
Pot Lifter Options:
GS1500 Pot Lifter Assembly Complete (Pot Lifter and Ring) - #111693
GS1500 Pot Lifter Ring only - #1116935
GS1500 Pot Lifter only (No Ring) - #111694
Replacement Parts:
M-60 Sub Micro Air Filter - #111095
M-60 Replacement Filter - #111096
GS1000/1500 Vacuum Jar - #1116927
GS1500 Stainless Steel Shaft - Machined - #0830921
GS1500 1/4 x 6 x 6” Delrin Plt - #0830915
GS1000/1500 Pneumatic Shock - #111663 (note: 2 shocks on the GS1500 - replace both)
GS1500 Shaft Seal - #1116925
GS1500 Gasket - #0830934 (Note: 2 required - see drawing of Lid Assembly