Bulk Bag Roller Conveyors facilitate the movement and storage of pallets containing bulk bags (super sacks) from a fork-lift access point to a Bulk Bag Gantry, to create an continuous supply of bulk filler to a production line. Ordinarily, these are used to supply an Autocaster or other continuous casting machine that requires staged bulk filler supply to avoid delays in reloading bulk fillers.


Roller Conveyor Track pair rendering

Rendering of a bulk bag mounted on a pallet,
positioned on the bulk bag conveyor.

Bulk Bag Gantry rendering

Configured Bulk Bag Gantry system, showing configured
Gantry (with roller conveyor, hoist and trolley - lifting Bulk Bags
into position above a Ground Hopper (sold separately).


Bulk Bag Roller Conveyors are used with Gruber Bulk Bag Gantries to easily transport bulk fillers from a point where the bulk super sacks are loaded onto the conveyor with a fork-lift. They then roll easily down the line to the casting location - where typically one or more Ground Hoppers are installed to meter bulk materials to the Autocaster continuous casting system. A Bulk Bag Gantry is placed over the Ground Hopper. The Ground Hopper is continuously metering bulk fillers to the Autocaster, and in turn, a Bulk Bag Gantry is periodically hoisting a new super sack of filler above the Ground Hopper, where it is then emptied into the Ground Hopper to continue production without any costly delay that would ordinarily be required for manual loading.

Efficiently loading and staging Bulk Fillers (powders like calcium carbonate, sand, gravel, rock or other aggregates) allows your continuous casting production line to continue operating without the need to stop and resupply the system with bulk filler materials.

Conveyors are heavy duty 2” diameter, 12-gauge galvanized steel rollers; with roll-formed heavy-gauge galvanized steel channels.  Channels are reinforced laterally with cross-braces. Conveyors are secured to the floor with appropriate concrete fasteners (e.g. "red-heads").


GRCBB10 Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor dimensional view
GRCBB10 Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor

Order Information

Note: Roller conveyor is sold as a pair of 10' length conveyor (as shown above). We generally recommend a minimum of 20 feet (approx. 6 meters) of conveyor, which would be 2 units.
  • Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor,  Pair of 10 foot length conveyor track, Crated - #GRCBB10

Other conveyor configurations and custom conveyor designs are available. Call for more information.


Ground Hopper and other Bulk Filler Handling related Accessories


The Ground Hopper is one element of a complete bulk filler handling system. All Gruber Ground Hoppers can accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler.  

Review all bulk filler handling products here:

  • Bulk Bag Gantry - automate lifting and positioning of bulk bags over the Ground Hopper for efficient and convenient bulk filler handling.
  • Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor easily transports super sacks to the ground hopper.

  • Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows suspension of extra bulk filler material (bulk bags) above the ground hopper for additional processing capabilities.

Gruber produces a variety of Ground Hoppers for metering and conveying of fillers of all types. We if don't have what you need, we can custom configure a Ground Hopper to your specific needs for other materials or applications. Please call to discuss your needs.