Bulk Bag Suspender Frame

The optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows the option of mounting larger, more economical bulk bags (“Super Sacks”) above Gruber Systems' Ground Hoppers.  Mounting large bulk bags reduce interruptions during the manufacturing process, and reduces labor costs normally associated with manual loading of a metering or feed hopper – particularly when compared to manual loading of smaller bulk material bags.  Automation of the bulk material handling system also results in a cleaner, safer working environment and more efficient manufacturing workflow.


Above: Bulk Bag Suspender Frames installed on top of two Gruber Ground Hoppers, configured to supply filler materials to Ground Hopper, then to the metering hoppers of the Autocaster Ultra/PC (Polymer Concrete) continuous casting system.




  • Designed to mount on top of a Gruber Ground Hopper. Allows positioning of a super sack for drainage into the Ground Hopper.

  • Adjustable hook height (adjust the hooks to adjust the precise bulk bag height)

  • 4 way forklift entry for easy positioning of super sacks (pick up the frame from all four sides with integrated forklift channels.

  • Integral forklift channels for easy, safe lifting of entire unit via forklift.
  • Mounts on top of the Ground Hopper. The entire Bulk Bag Suspender frame can be lifted and lowered to the ground from the top of the Ground Hopper with a forklift if needed.

  • Rated for maximum 2500 lb (1133 kg) bulk bags


A number of other accessories are offered to further automate delivery and positioning of bulk solids – including powdered, granular or other bulk ingredients – such as calcium carbonate and other “difficult” materials. A forklift is generally used to load super sacks into position, but we also offer other material loading and positioning options, including Bulk Bag Gantries and Roller Conveyors to provide a number of possible material loading configurations.

Above: Rendering of Bulk Bag mounted in the Suspender Frame.

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Bulk Bag Suspender Frame, Complete, Crated - #150160


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Note: There are other ways of lifting and positioning a bulk bag above a Ground Hopper. See details on the Bulk Bag Gantry, including its Bulk Bag Suspender.


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Ground Hopper and other Bulk Filler Handling related Accessories


The Ground Hopper is one element of a complete bulk filler handling system. All Gruber Ground Hoppers can accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler.  

Review all bulk filler handling products here:

  • Bulk Bag Gantry - automate lifting and positioning of bulk bags over the Ground Hopper for efficient and convenient bulk filler handling.
  • Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor easily transports super sacks to the ground hopper.

  • Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows suspension of extra bulk filler material (bulk bags) above the ground hopper for additional processing capabilities.

Gruber produces a variety of Ground Hoppers for metering and conveying of fillers of all types. We if don't have what you need, we can custom configure a Ground Hopper to your specific needs for other materials or applications. Please call to discuss your needs.