Store or move large quantities of molds throughout your manufacturing process around the entire factory

This modular Multi-Level Skate Wheel Conveyor is an extremely versatile "erector set" to help you create the exact conveyor configuration you need for your shop. Choose from single or double wide wheelway sets per level, and choose from one to eight levels. Purchase complete, or add additional modular sections to increase your overall conveyor run length. These multi-level sections can be added "in-line" with your other conveyors to give you exceptional flexibility in routing your molds through the shop, or use them to create a mold storage area in your shop.

  • Choose single-wide or double-wide configurations, up to 8 levels, and in 5, 10 or 12' section length
  • Modular sections to expand your conveyor system
  • Add these sections "in-line" with your other conveyors


Extremely Versatile Conveyor or Mold Storage Solution!

The multi-level single or double wide skate wheel conveyor features heavy-duty steel construction, multiple 11 gauge galvanized steel wheel way assemblies with zinc plated steel skate wheel bearings, and durable powder coating for easy cleanup and protection. The Multi level single and double wide skate wheel conveyor system is a modular system available in a variety of different lengths to create conveyor runs of almost any dimension. Choice of single width or double-width configurations.

Intended for use as a mold conveyor, you can also move cast product on the conveyor by placing the parts on a piece of plywood or other base. Or use a Gruber Hi-Boy Exchange cart with the Multi-Level Conveyor to place and remove molds from different levels. Store them, or reroute them to other process production lines in the shop. Rearrange the order and sequence of the line by utilizing the multiple levels of this system.

Examples of designs using multi-level skate wheel conveyors include:

Multi-Level Conveyor Plant Layout Examples. Click on either image for a larger view




  • Height - 120" (to top of posts)
  • Width - 72, 84, 96, or 102"
  • Length - Available in 60”, 120”, and 144” modular sections for almost any length of conveyor run.

Wheelway (left, right and middle):

  • Height - between levels - dependent on number of levels from 6 inches (152mm) to 10 feet (304cm).
  • Width - 20-1/8” (wheel center to wheel center)




Order Information - 5-Level, Single and Double-Wide Multi-Level Skate Wheel Conveyors Configurations

  • 5-Level are our most popular configurations and are shown below. See links above for all others.
  • Other configurations available - call for more information.
5-Level, Single Wide:
        Order Number
Levels Width I.D. Length Complete 10 Ft. Addition 5 Ft. Addition
5L 1W 48" 10' MS5L4810S MS5L4810 MS5L485
5L 1W 36" 12' MS5L3612S MS5L3610 MS5L365
5L 1W 48" 12' MS5L4812S MS5L4810 MS5L485
5-Level, Double Wide:
        Order Number
Levels Width I.D. Length Complete 10 Ft. Addition 5 Ft. Addition
5L 2W 72" 10' MD5L7210S MD5L7210   MD5L725
5L 2W 72" 12' MD5L7212S MD5L7210  MD5L725
5L 2W 84" 10' MD5L8410S MD5L8410  MD5L845
5L 2W 84" 12' MD5L8412S MD5L8410 MD5L845
5L 2W 96" 10' MD5L9610S MD5L9610 MD5L965
5L 2W 96" 12' MD5L9612S MD5L9610 MD5L965
5L 2W 102" 10' MD5L10210S MD5L10210 MD5L1025
5L 2W 102" 12' MD5L10212S MD5L10210 MD5L1025
Other Components:
Multi-Level Mold Stop  - #0831482
Mold Stop - 3.5" Wheelway-Channel  - #1100581
Wheel way assembly with steel wheels, 5’  - #1100450
Wheel way assembly with steel wheels, 10’  - #110045
Wheel way assembly with steel wheels, 12’  - #1100452
Wheel way channel with steel wheels, 5’  - #1100449
Wheel way channel with steel wheels, 10’  - #110044
Wheel way channel with steel wheels, 12’  - #1100484
Standard steel wheel way wheel (with nut and bolt)  - #110039
Mold stop 3.5” wheel way tube  - #110058

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Multi-Level skate wheel storage system provide a convenient way to store molds, as well as to conveniently move molds on the conveyor. Efficient mold handling systems begin with well designed mold storage areas. Recognizing that floor space is costly, Gruber engineers designed single and double wide mold storage lines that can rise as high as ten feet in the air and extend to any length. This configuration can provide up to eight levels or more of space-saving Mold Storage Conveyor Lines. Note: these are identical to the Multi-Level Skate Wheel Conveyors shown above.