Gruber F5 Single Wide Finishing Conveyor
The Gruber F5 Finishing Conveyor makes it easy to polish the insides of demolded bowls (and other smaller cast parts).  Manufacturers no longer need to lift heavy bowls to a separate area after demolding in order to add the finishing touch!
At first glance, the Finishing Conveyor resembles a length of standard conveyor from Gruber. A closer inspection reveals a U-shaped stand on the unit which allows a modular bowl, when placed right side up for finishing, to pass along the unit without interruption. The wheels on one side of the track are a different size than those on the other side. This combination prevents the bowl's deck from veering off the track, holding it in place for polishing. The wheels of the finishing conveyor are made of heavy-duty plastic, providing further protection for the finished bowl.
The Finishing Conveyor can easily be incorporated into an existing conveyor system by replacing a 10" section of conveyor with the new unit. Custom lines are available upon request.
The F5 skate wheel finishing conveyor features heavy duty steel construction, 11 gauge galvanized steel wheel way assembly with zinc plated steel skate wheel bearings rotated inward for use with sleds or raw product, and durable powder coating for protection. n.



Height: 30" (to top of wheelway)
Width: 22"
Length: Available in 60”, 120”, and 144” modular sections for almost any length of conveyor run.
Width: 16-1/2” (wheel center to wheel center)



Description/Order Number:

Conveyor - Complete:

F5 Conveyor 12’, Complete - #F512S
F5 Conveyor 10’, Complete - #F510S

Conveyor - “Adders” (additional sections):

F5 Conveyor Addition

  • 12’ - #F512
  • 10’ - #F510
  • 5’ - #F55


Knee Brace - #0830891
F5 Stand/1 level - #110007
Support feet - #1100312
Wheel way channel with steel wheels
  • 5’ - #1100449
  • 10’ - #110044
  • 12’ - #1100484
Standard steel wheel way wheel with nut/bolt - #110039


Crate - F-8 Per Section - #CEF8CONV
Crate - F-8 Finishing Stand - #CEF8STD