Gruber F8 Single Wide Finishing Conveyor with Shelf

The F8 Skate Wheel Finishing Conveyor was designed to provide an effortless way of moving finished castings (especially cast bowls) - to the final finishing work areas.

The F8 Skate Wheel Finishing Conveyor features heavy duty steel construction, 11-gauge galvanized steel wheel way assembly with zinc plated steel skate wheel bearings rotated inward for use with sleds or raw product, built in utility/storage shelves, and durable powder coating for protection. The F8 wide skate wheel conveyor system is a modular conveyor system available in a variety of different lengths to create conveyor runs of almost any dimension.


Height: 30" (to top of wheelway)
Width: 48"
Length: Available in 60”, 120”, and 144” modular sections for almost any length of conveyor run.
Width: 16-1/2” (wheel center to wheel center)
Height: 57"
Width: 24"
Description/Order Number:

Conveyors - Complete

F8 conveyor 10’ complete - #F810S

Conveyor - “Adders” (additional sections):

F8 Conveyor 10 foot addition - #F810
F8 Conveyor 5’ foot addition - #F85


Knee Brace - #0830891
F8 stand/1 level - #1100075
Support feet - #1100312
Wheel way channel with steel wheels:
  • 5’ - #1100449
  • 10’ - #110044
Standard steel wheel way wheel with nut/bolt - #110039
A8 shelf 10 foot section - #111090
A8 shelf hardware - #0836000


Crate - F-8 Per Section - #CEF8CONV
Crate - F-8 Finishing Stand - #CEF8STD