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Gruber Systems Pneumatic Tooling Clay/Tooling Wax Bead Extruder

Gruber Clay and Wax Extruders automate and simplify the production of beads of tooling wax or tooling clay to use during mold setup to create smooth, radiused edge contours where two molds or mold sections join.

Gruber's Pneumatic Tooling Clay/Tooling Wax Bead Extruder is the fastest, easiest, and most convenient tooling wax or tooling clay bead extruder machine available for producing clay or wax beads (fillets) which are used to create smooth, radiuses where two molds or mold edges join.

This unit utilizes compressed air supply which must be supplied to its installed location.

Applications for both extruders have historically been manufacturing facilities producing cultured marble, cultured onyx, cultured stone, solid surface, polymer concrete and more recently concrete casting and fabrication applications (call for more information).

100012 Nozzle Set

Included with each Extruder are three extrusion nozzles to allow bead diameters of different diameters depending on your preference. Included is a 1/8" orifice nozzle, a 3/16" orifice nozzle, and a 1/4" orifice nozzle (as shown below). Additional nozzles in any of the three sizes can be ordered separately.


Order Information
Pneumatic Clay/Wax Extruder - #100017
Shipping Weight: 36 lbs.



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