Gruber Soft and Hard Extrudable Tooling Clay

This extrudable tooling clay is most often used with Gruber's Clay/Wax Extruders to quickly and efficiently create smooth radiuses between the mold joined edges/surfaces - most frequently the edge of a floating bowl mold and the surface of the vanity deck on which it is positioned.

This clay is shaped and packaged in blocks. Each block is sized to fit Gruber's Clay Extruders. Packaged in 20 stick, 5 lb. boxes of individually wrapped 4 oz sticks.Like EX-Wax, no special applicator tools or heat are required in its use, however use of Gruber's Radius Tools simplifies and shortens the time involve in creation of radiused contours.

Now for Concrete Mold and Form Setup too!  Extrudable Tooling Clay is also used by Concrete Manufacturers for the same basic purpose for their forms and molds - which are used to cast concrete for production of countertops and other concrete shapes.

Choice of two formulations for varying temperature/climatic conditions:

SoftToolingClay325Soft Tooling Clay:
For use in Winter or Cold Weather
Order Information:
5 Lb Box - #02209A
Hard Tooling Clay:
For use in Summer or Hot Weather
Order Information:
5 Lb Box - #02209H
Note: Also referred to as Firm Tooling Clay since it is firmer/harder than the soft tooling clay shown above.