Marshall-Gruber Ex-Wax Extrudable Tooling Wax

This well-known Extrudable Wax material from Marshall Gruber Company offers the best characteristics of both fillet wax and modeling clay.  These products are most often used with Gruber's Clay/Wax Extruders to quickly and efficiently create smooth radiuses between the mold joined edges/surfaces - most frequently the edge of a floating bowl mold and the surface of the vanity deck on which it is positioned.

  • Use Hard Tooling Wax when operating in a warm environment or during the hot season.
  • Use Soft Tooling Wax in colder (winter) temperatures or environments.

Manufacturers have reported much success in using Ex-Wax as their radius material, particularly during hot summer months when clay use becomes difficult. In high temperatures, solvent, the ingredient in clay that makes it workable, becomes more active and can cause headaches such as the breakdown of release wax on the mold's surface and the inability of the clay to properly hold its shape during casting. Since Ex-Wax is "solvent-free", problems in your plant relating to "gelcoat lift", "pre-release", and finished part appearance, are greatly reduced. Ex-Wax is available in two formulations (soft and hard) based on the season during which it will be used, so please specify when ordering.

It provides a smooth radius, doesn’t contain solvents, tools easily, and is extrudable - so it is the recommended tooling wax to be used in Gruber's line of Clay and Wax Extruders.

Ex-Wax can be applied without heat, and extruded through Gruber's Clay/Wax Extruders.

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