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SOF140907 DCM grind350

This Gruber Grind Booth incorporates the newest sensation in dust collection - the innovative Cartridge Dust Collection System.

This innovative Gruber Grind Booth incorporates the latest technology in cast polymer dust collection technology - a modular Cartridge Dust Collection System.
  • Quality construction

  • Efficient, easy-to-maintain dust collection and disposal modules

  • Choice of standard 4500 or 9000 CFM configurations (1 or 2 Dust Collection Modules) - other configurations available upon request.

  • Optional "Inverted V" strip curtain available on front opening of booth.
  • Choice of no door, 1 or 2 door configurations

  • Choice of electrical configuration options


This low-maintenance and user-friendly combination grind booth and dust collection system is great option where regulatory requirements no longer permit internal venting of baghouse or HEPA Filter-equipped Grind Booths. Check with your local regulatory officials for the required dust collection technology in your jurisdiction.

This Grind Booth features an innovative dust collection system that utilizes automatic reverse pulse cleaning technology to clean the filters. A preset solid state timer, controlling both frequency and duration of the pulses, controls the cleaning process. Pulses of compressed air automatically clean the cartridges by reverse pressurization, and the accumulated dust sheets simply drop to the floor pans below the cartridges. Periodically, the trays are pulled and emptied in a receptacle for quick, convenient easy disposal.


System Components:


High Quality Grind Booth:

SOF140907 boothonly200
  • Inside dimensions: 14'W x 9'D x 7'H (426cm x 108cm x 84cm) (WDH). Other booth sizes available - call for information.
  • (3) 4 Tube Light Fixtures, 2ith total of 30 flourescent light bulbs.
  • Dust Collector Module Ready - choose from standard 1 DCM module for maximum 4500 CFM*, or dual DCM4500 units for maximum 9000 CFM*. Other CFM options available.
  • Controller included
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Optional front strip curtain of 12" plastic heavy-duty strips to control air intake path into grind booth.




Cartridge Style Dust Collection Modules:

SOF DustCollector100

The Dust Collection Module (DCM) includes a reverse-pulse filter cleaning system that can be hooked up to the shop's compressed air service to clean the filters automatically. Additional DCM units can be added for increased CFM capacity. The filtered air must be vented outside (check with local regulations).

  • DCM (Dust Control Module) produces maximum 4500 CFM* each with clean filters, at 99% efficiency @ 0.5 microns
  • DCM unit dimensions 45"W x 35"D x 90"H
  • 5 HP, 3-phase motor per DCM with aluminum airfoil wheel.
  • Self-cleaning cartridges using reverse pulse; requires customer supplied compressed air.
  • Cleaning actuated by preset solid-state control timer
  • 3 cubic foot capacity dust storage drawer
  • Filters have quick-change toggle locks for easy and fast filter changes.
  • Unit is constructed of 12-gauge steel, powder-coated flat white.
  • Includes 1 pop-safety valve set pressure 110 PSI
  • Includes 6 (six) filter cartridges
  • Optional louvered front panels are optional to help deflect larger particles from entering
  • Optional Duct Kit for extending ventilation ducting

* CFM shown is maximum possible, with new unit and unused filters. Your CFM will be lower than this.

  • Minimum recommended CFM requirements for a booth this size is 4350 CFM
  • Each DCM Module utilizes one 5 HP motor.
  • The cartridge filter unit utilizes fabric cartridge filters are not suitable for use filtering gelcoat, or metal maching operations

Control Panel:

  • Deluxe Control Panels for both 1 or dual Dust Collection Module (DCM) units
  • Includes Panel Mounted Disconnect in NEMA 12 style panel
  • 3-Phase Magnetic Motor Starter
  • Reverse Pulse Timer Board with Pressure Module for Programable Cleaning
  • Magnahelic Pressure Gauge and Panel Mounted Switches

Customers are responsible for providing compressed air service to the installation location.


Have an existing Baghouse Grind Booth or HEPA Grind Booth you want to upgrade? Call us!

Old internally vented Baghouse Grindbooths are no longer acceptable in many jurisdictions. If you have an old internal baghouse, you have a number of options:

•    Move your existing Baghouse filter system exhaust to ventilate outside your building (per your local regulatory requirements) ($)

•    Buy a Cartridge system separately, and retrofit another Grind Booth ($$)

•    Replace your existing Baghouse or HEPA filter equipped Grind Booth with a state-of-the art Cartridge-equipped Grind Booth system ($$$)

•    Purchase a new Gruber Grind Booth with equipped Cartridge Dust Collection System ($$$$)

* It is the customers responsibility to determine if equipment is permitted by applicable regulatory agencies that may govern your facility and operation. Be sure to check all local, regional, state, federal and other applicable regulatory agency requirements before purchasing


Order Information - Grind Booth with Cartridge Dust Collection System:

Complete Gruber 14'W x 9'D x 7'H Grind Booth - with 1 Dust Collection Modules (4500 CFM maximum capacity*), 230V/460V, 3-phase 60 Hz*, with Crating:

  • No Doors - #DCGB1497-450
  • 1 Door - #DCGB1497-451
  • 2 Door - #DCGB1497-452

Complete Gruber 14'W x 9'D x 7'H Grind Booth - with 2 Dust Collection Modules (9000 CFM maximum capacity*), 230V/460V, 3-phase 60 Hz*, with Crating:

  • No Doors - #DCGB1497-900
  • 1 Door - #DCGB1497-901
  • 2 Door - #DCGB1497-902

* other electrical configurations are available. Specify your required electrical requirements

Note: Gruber can install this for you, but additional fees, including installation, travel and supervision fees, materials, supplies and miscellaneous fees are applicable. Ask for a price quote.

Other Options or Upgrades

  • Dust Collection Module (DCM) - 4500 CFM - #110131
  • Deluxe Control Panel for single cartridge module - #110111-1
  • Deluxe Control Panel for dual DCM cartridge configuration - #110111-2
  • Add optional Door to order - #110120
  • Non-standard (non-U.S.) voltage requirements other than 230V, 60Hz - #110110
  • Plastic Curtain for retrofitting open faced Gruber spray or grind booths - #110122
  • Side opening Conveyor access doors, or front Barn-style door options.
  • Optional DCM Safety Filters