Simplify and reduce the time required to demold heavy cultured marble or solid surface cast parts and reduce stress and damage to molds caused by manual demolding.

6-leg demold or straddle gantry

The 20' 6-leg Demold Gantry (also known as a Straddle Gantry) is designed to assist in the demolding process of cast marble or solid surface, using lifters and hoists, the demolding gantry can greatly reduce the stress and damage to molds, as well as decreasing the time needed to demold product.

The 6-leg Straddle Gantry features heavy-duty steel I-beam construction, 3 inch tube steel legs, electric or pneumatic hoists, dual- or quad-cup lifters, and durable Gruber blue powder coating for protection. This Demolding Gantry is 20' (6 meters) in length.

Note: Hoist and Trolley are not included and must purchased separately. See "Related Accessories" section below for Hoist and Trolley ordering information.



  • Height: 124-½" (316.23cm)
  • Width: 102" (259.1cm) corner legs, 132" (335.3cm) middle leg.
  • Length: up to 240" (609.6cm)


  • Up to 1000 Lb (453kg) capacity

Description/Order Number
Demold Gantry, 6-leg, 20' (6m) - #0838214
Crating (required) - #CEGANTRY

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