Accurately and automatically meter and dispense raw materials for batch or continuous production of cultured marble, cultured onyx, solid surface and other cast polymer matrix.


Batchmaster III Automated Metering machine

Batchmaster III Automated Metering System

Automated metering and dispensing of cast polymer ingredients

The third generation Batchmaster III provides the best features of weight-based and volumetric metering systems in a single system that is the most flexible and reliable on the market. It provides recipe-based, automated metering and dispensing of raw ingredients for production of cultured marble, cultured onyx, solid surface, or other cast polymer matrix.


Ground Hopper filler metering and conveying

Ground Hoppers

Bulk filler material metering and conveying

Gruber offers a variety of Ground Hoppers for a variety of applications - including Cultured Marble, Solid Surface, Polymer Concrete and other Bulk Powder metering or conveying requirements.

Attention all Batchmaster II Owners!

Is your Batchmaster II Display Dead, Unreadable or Damaged?

Batchmaster II metering systems take a lot of use and abuse, and inevitably, due to age and use – that outdated display screen will likely fail.

Replace your display before a failure disrupts your business!

Old Display

old batchmaster II display

Replacement Display

New replacement Batchmaster display

The original Batchmaster II screen is now obsolete, costs more to repair, and is no longer available or supported than a newer generation display screen.

Replacement benefits:

  • Modern screen currently in production and supported by the manufacturer.
  • Brighter, easier to read display
  • Larger screen area
  • Full color display
  • Updated graphics
  • Improved navigation
  • Fits within the same cutout of the front operator panel for easy, simple “plug-and-play” replacement.
  • Backward compatibility with existing software. Same screen options and information

Get yours today!

Order Information:
Batchmaster II Screen Replacement Screen - #166342