Batchmaster batching machines automate raw material metering by quickly and accurately measuring and dispensing raw materials from stored recipes on the system - reducing the time and reducing the potential errors from manual measuring and mixing, and reducing wastage and spillage.

Batchmaster Systems

batchmaster III batch metering system

Batchmaster II+

The new Batchmaster II+ is an modern update of the very popular Batchmaster II batching machine, and further improves on the reliability and performance of the Batchmaster II. The base system offers default volumetric metering of resin and filler for the fastest cycle times by simultaneously metering resin and filler.  Catalyst, Base Color and a second Filler can be added to the base configuration for increased metering automation.  Optional Weight Loss Scale system or optional Weight Gain Scale Systems that provide sophisticated load-cell technology for increased metering accuracy. The Batchmaster II+ includes the latest technology such as PLC-based control system, intuitive user interface, reliable resin heating system, and modernized software and electronics.

Batchmaster Optional Accessories:

Weight Loss Scale System for Batchmaster II+

Add a Weight Loss Scale to an existing Batchmaster II+
Order No. 167001

Catalyst Dispenser (for Batchmaster II or II+)

Meter Catalyst with your recipe by adding this optional Catalyst Dispenser module. For use with Batchmaster II or II+ batching machines. - Order No. 30BMCA

Base Color Metering System

Meter Base Color with your recipe by adding this optional Base Color modular unit.

Base Color System (1 Color) w/ Stand - Order No. CMBCS-1

Add Second Base Color (to CMBCS-1 above) - Order No. CMBCS-1C

Weight Gain Scale System

Add Weight Gain Scale below your mixing pot to cumulatively weigh the dispensed contents to the pot for higher accuracy and consistency - Order No. 180390

Ground Hopper for Batchmaster

The Filler Metering Hopper included on the Batchmaster holds 4 cubic feet (0.113 cubic meters) of powder. An optional Ground Hopper (shown at right) adds another 15 cubic feet (0.42 cubic meters) of capacity – to greatly extend the run time possible between reloading. - Order No. 150445B

Accessories and Parts for discontinued (legacy) Batchmaster machines:

Batchmaster III batching machine

Batchmaster III Legacy Support

Our previous third-generation Batchmaster III provides recipe-based, automated measuring and dispensing of precise quantities of component raw materials used in cultured marble, cultured onyx, solid surface, or other cast polymer matrix. These materials include resin, fillers (calcium carbonate or ATH usually), and optionally catalyst and liquid base color pigments.


Batchmaster II batching machine

Batchmaster II Legacy Support

The Batchmaster II proved to be a very popular and reliable metering system.


Batchmaster 1 batching machine

Original Batchmaster I Legacy Support

The original Batchmaster machine is still out there - in use every day!