Gruber Mobile Ground Hoppers

For situations where you need your Ground Hopper to be movable or portable.

In some cases, your bulk filler handling system is not required to be a fixed location, and you may benefit by moving your Gruber Ground Hopper to where you need it for a given use. Portability offers added convenience and added value to your Bulk Filler Handling investment.

MobGrdHop base
Mobile Ground Hoppers may be purchased as mobile versions of our Standard Ground Hopper, Self-Metering Ground Hopper, and Pneumatic Ground Hoppers. It is not available for the Polymer Concrete (Aggregate) Ground Hoppers however. Existing units may also be retrofitted with mobile upgrade option (see Order Information below).
Order Information:

Mobile Standard Ground Hopper - (see Standard Ground Hopper page for additional configuration options)

Mobile Self-Metering Ground Hopper - (see Self-Metering Ground Hopper page for additional configuration options)

Mobile Pneumatic Ground Hopper (base unit only) - (see Pneumatic Ground Hopper page for additional configuration options)

Mobile (Caster Wheel) Upgrade Kit (to upgrade a Ground Hopper to a mobile unit) - #1000CA

For additional information, contact your Gruber representative.

Ground Hopper and other Bulk Filler Handling related Accessories


The Ground Hopper is one element of a complete bulk filler handling system. All Gruber Ground Hoppers can accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler.  

Review all bulk filler handling products here:

  • Bulk Bag Gantry - automate lifting and positioning of bulk bags over the Ground Hopper for efficient and convenient bulk filler handling.
  • Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor easily transports super sacks to the ground hopper.

  • Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows suspension of extra bulk filler material (bulk bags) above the ground hopper for additional processing capabilities.

Gruber produces a variety of Ground Hoppers for metering and conveying of fillers of all types. We if don't have what you need, we can custom configure a Ground Hopper to your specific needs for other materials or applications. Please call to discuss your needs.