Gruber Aggregate Belt Drive Ground Hopper for Polymer Concrete

Designed to handle the demanding requirements of metering large rock or highly abrasive aggregates for polymer concrete and other specialized cast polymer manufacturing applications.

Shown with optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame at right
This new Ground Hopper utilizes a tough, durable belt-drive transport mechanism that provides a superior technology for processing of aggregates or powders for polymer concrete manufacturing. The belt drive accepts almost any aggregate without jamming, and is considerably more durable when handling abrasive materials or heavy materials compared to auger-based systems. Since the belt drive won't wear nearly as fast as an auger system for many materials, the belt-drive system offers more reliable service, longer operating intervals between service, and lower maintenance costs compared to auger-based systems. Depending on the filler used, this may be a more economical long-term alternative to an auger-based Ground Hopper.
The Belt Drive System excels at transporting these and other fillers for polymer concrete manufacturing:
- Quartz
- Sand
- Pea Gravel
- Small Rock
- Calcium Carbonate (and other powder fillers)
Note: the maximum size aggregates that can be processed is not limited by this belt-drive Ground Hopper, but rather the auger-based metering hoppers used on the AutoCaster Ultra PC (Polymer Concrete) continous casting machine. Check with Gruber if you have any unusual or very large aggregates. The maximum aggregate size aggregate limitation on the Autocaster PC is approximately 3/8" diameter.

Description/Order Information:

Polymer Concrete (Belt-Drive) Ground Hopper – Powder/Large Aggregate Version - #1000BGHPCS

Crating For Ground Hopper - # CEHOPPER