Gruber Pneumatic Ground Hopper

Automated metering of lightweight powder bulk filler over extended distances utilizing a positive pneumatic pressure (air) transport system.

Automatically meter and transfer lightweight filler material over extended distances with a Pneumatic-transport Ground Hopper. This eliminates the requirement for an auger, and allows the Ground Hopper to be placed in a more remote location - out of the way of the Autocaster casting system or the Batchmaster mixing station.

newNow, you can supply lightweight powder fillers like CalCarb/Lightweight powder blends and ATH blends to TWO different metering hoppers from a single Pneumatic Ground Hopper with the Dual-Feed model!

Bulk filler handling systems can be integrated with your process or batching system to reduce labor, improve efficiencies, aid in material cost control, and potentially lower overhead costs.


Key Features:

  • Eliminate laborious manual bulk powder handling and tank filling
  • Optimized for handling lightweight powders, granular material and other bulk ingredients in a variety of composites-related applications.
  • Precise metering available
  • Eliminate waste
  • No overhead mountings
  • Pneumatic pump pumps material to remote casting system using hose - traditional auger is eliminated
  • Allows more convenient and accessible positioning, or central positioning to service multiple casting or batching systems

Ground Hoppers are an integral part of your bulk filler handling and processing solution for any casting operation using a lot of fillers. When equipped with an automated casting system like Gruber Systems' Autocaster continuous casting system or a Batchmaster metering system, the need to supply and meter adequate quantities of fillers to the machines is critical. Just about any manufacturer with one of these automated casting systems must utilize a Ground Hopper for each filler material delivered to the Autocaster machine.

All Gruber Ground Hoppers can accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of powder (such as fillers), as well as granular and other ingredients.

The Pneumatic Ground Hopper is an air-operated lightweight filler transport system that automates delivery of lightweight fillers such as calcium carbonate/lightweight blends and ATH blends to the metering hoppers that are part of the Autocaster continuous casting system and/or the Batchmaster metering system.

The primary advantage of a pneumatic transport system compared to the traditional auger transport system is that you can place the Pneumatic Ground Hopper at significantly more distant locations relative to the Autocaster (or Batchmaster). Auger-drive Ground Hoppers are limited by the distance of the Auger drive, and must be positioned very close to the Autocaster/Batchmaster. A Pneumatic transport system by comparison can be placed 50 feet or further (exact distance is filler density specific and various depending on the density/weight of the filler material). If your casting or mixing station is overly crowded, and you need more manuvering room in these critical production areas, then the Pneumatic Ground Hopper is particularly beneficial.

The Pneumatic transport Ground Hopper is only intended to transport lightweight fillers such as calcium carbonate blends and ATH blends with powder sized particles, and should NOT be used with aggregates or heavier fillers.

Pneumatic Ground Hopper Specifications:

  • 50 lb (23 kg) per minute output capability (calcium carbonate blends)

  • Standard discharge heights of 10 - 14’ (3 - 4.2 m) (other heights available)

  • Minimum 10’ (3 m) ceiling height required

  • Rugged 15 cu. ft. Bin with 12 gauge carbon steel construction

  • Dimensions - 57.5” x 42.5” x 45” (146 x 108 x114cm) (WLD)

  • Drive mechanism located near the floor for easy maintenance

  • Pneumatic vibrator for anti-bridging control

  • Includes screen for helping to prevent bag scraps and other debris from reaching pneumatic pump

  • Includes chain clamps for securing bulk bag hopper support


new Now choose from single feed (supply filler to one metering filler hopper), or to TWO metering hoppers (presumably on two Autocaster or Batchmasters) from a single Pneumatic Ground Hopper!


Reduce your lightweight filler Ground Hopper requirements in half with Gruber's new DUAL-FEED Pneumatic Powder Pump system!

Now, with Gruber's Air-Operation Powder Pump Dual-Feed Ground Hopper Option, you can now utilize a SINGLE Pneumatic Ground Hopper to supply your lightweight powder fillers to TWO different metering hoppers! These hoppers can be located on two separate Autocasters, or an Autocaster and a Batchmaster (both use metering hoppers to meter material to their mixing systems). No longer do you have to have a separate Ground Hopper for each metering hopper of each machine. Now, cut your your Ground Hopper requirements IN HALF by taking advantage of our new Dual-Feed Pneumatic Pump system.



The base Pneumatic Ground Hopper (at right) incorporates a single feed Pneumatic Powder Pump as standard equipment, and efficiently transports a lightweight filler over extended distances (50 feet or more for lightest powders) to a single metering hopper on either a Autocaster or Batchmaster machine. Place your Pneumatic Powder Ground Hopper in a convenient location where you can more easily deliver bulk bags to the location, and still transport your lightweight powder filler to the Autocaster's or Batchmaster's location on the production floor using a sturdy 2" clear PVC tubing. Free up valuable space near the casting or mixing production area.


Note: Both versions are available as part of a complete Ground Hopper, or as a Conversion/Retrofit Kit for an existing Auger-transport Ground Hopper.

Complete Ground Hopper Order Information:

  • Complete Pneumatic (Air Operation) Ground Hopper with Pneumatic Pump (Single Feed) - #1000AGHAO

  • Complete Pneumatic (Air Operation) Ground Hopper with Pneumatic Pump, Controller and Dual-Feed Diverter Valve - supply lightweight fillers like Calcium Carbonate and ATH blends to two different Autocaster or Batchmaster metering hoppers from a single Ground Hopper! - #1000AGHAO-2

Conversion/Retrofit Kits for existing Gruber Standard Powder Ground Hoppers:

  • Pneumatic (Air Operation) Retrofit Kit for Single Powder Feed (supply 1 Metering Hopper) - convert an existing Ground Hopper to supply powder to a single metering hopper on either a Gruber Autocaster or Batchmaster metering system - #1000AGHPNCV

  • Pneumatic (Air Operation) Retrofit Kit for Dual-Feed (supply 2 Metering Hoppers) - conversion kit includes Pneumatic Pump, Controller and Dual-Feed Diverter Valve to convert a single Ground Hopper to supply powder to two metering hoppers on either a Gruber Autocaster and/or a Batchmaster metering system - #1000AGHPNCV-2



Bulk Filler Management Accessories

Gruber Ground Hoppers accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler. The Ground Hopper is one element of a complete bulk filler handling system. Gruber offers a number of other bulk filler handling accessories further automate or customize its integration into your workflow:

Bulk Bag Suspender Frame Bulk Bag Gantry Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor Suspender Cross Frame
 BulkBagSus100  166200 325 BBConvey wPallet150   suspender cross frame130
Hangs a bulk bag above a Ground Hopper - doubling the capacity of the Ground Hopper. The Bulk Bag Gantry aids lifting of bulk bags into position (over the bulk bag suspender). Two sizes - 10’ or 15' Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor easily transports super sacks to the ground hopper. Accessory to a Bulk Bag Gantry to lift/suspend the Bulk Bag.