Weight Loss Ground Hopper equipped with optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame
Weight Loss Ground Hopper equipped with optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame

Application: Precise metering/conveying of bulk powder or granular fillers.

  • Eliminate laborious manual bulk powder handling and filling.
  • Extends production run time by adding filler capacity.
  • Store pre-set batch run parameters for convenient operation.
  • Load-cell based weight loss scale system delivers precise amount of filler.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly PLC-based touch control and monitoring system.
  • Operates independently (no Autocaster or Batchmaster required).

The Self-Metering Weight Loss Ground Hopper is a standalone, bulk filler metering system for processing of bulk fillers (powders and granules in the standard system).

The Ground Hopper automates the supply of fillers for your production processes, delivering a predetermined amount of filler, at a controllable delivery rate. The feed bin stores 15 cubic feet of material, but that capacity can be greatly extended by adding an optional Bulk Bag Suspender Frame which sits atop the Ground Hopper and dispenses an additional Bulk Bag (Supersack) of filler for longer production runs between filler reloading.

Display of Weight Loss Control Panel

Easily control the operation, feed rate or amount of material metered.

A PLC-based control system monitors the system and meters the precise amount of filler required for each production requirement. Weight Loss systems are more accurate and more precise than volumetric methods used elsewhere.

Weight Loss Control Panel

This Ground Hopper utilizes a load cell-based weight loss scale that continuously and accurately weighs the remaining filler during operation. Easy-to-use touch interface reports on the progress of your batch processing job. 


Weight Loss Control Panel

The Weight Loss Ground Hopper with optional Motor Driven Mechanical Agitation System, and Control Panel Mounted on side of the unit with the added Motor-Driven Mechanical Aditation System (shown below)

166779 agitation 325

The Motor Driven Mechanical Agitation System is mounted through the wall of the bin, with the motor outside, and the rotating tines inside the bin, located just above the auger intake area. The tines are driven by the motor, and turn continuously during operation to break up any sticky (or bridging) filler. Certain powders, rubbers and other materials benefit from this additional agitation in the bin prior to metering.



Weight Loss Ground Hopper Material Agitation Systems

Various systems are utilized to vibrate or mechanically agitate a material that is prone to "bridging" (material clumping above the auger feed that can prevent or hinder material from feeding into the auger). For those materials, these agitation systems are sometimes recommended. Note that the first one below is included in your Weight Loss Ground Hopper. The other two are options to consider if your material is prone to bridging problemsl. These should ideally be ordered with the Ground Hopper is initially manufacturered.

Sifting Grate and Pneumatic Vibrator

Sifting Screen and Pneumatic Vibrator Included

This sifting screen and pneumatic vibrator are included standard on the Weight Loss Ground Hopper. Together, they break up most clumpy most conventional materials (like Calcium Carbonate blends) before it enters the auger transport area.

Motor-Driven Mechanical Agitation

Optional (Order No 166779)
Motor-Driven Mechanical Agitation System

For difficult to convey fillers that tend to bridge or “clump up”, a motor-driven mechanical agitation system can be added. This system has rotating mixing tines that continuously turn the material inside the bin during Ground Hopper operation to prevent bridging or clogging above the auger intake area.

Air Pad Vibrating System

Optional (Order No 165768)
Pneumatic Air Burst System for Ground Hopper

This pneumatic air pulse system can be added to new Ground Hoppers to further disrupt the ability for sticky fillers that are prone to bridging to keep fillers flowing by periodically pulsing air bursts into the Ground Hopper feed bin.


Features (base powder model):
  • Precise weight-loss based monitoring with electronic controls including calibration offers superior metering compared to other volumetric metering systems.

  • 50 lb/min (22 kg) output rate for standard auger (when metering Calcium Carbonate). Maximum output rate varies depending on material. Auger can be upgraded for higher feed rates (eg 100 lb/min) or different materials.

  • Rugged 15 cubic foot (0.42 cubic meter) bin with heavy-duty 12-gauge steel construction.

  • Durable auger mounted on 45 degree incline (60 degree option also). Minimum 10’ (3m) ceiling height required. Optional custom auger lengths available for different discharge height requirements.

  • Dimensions 57.5” x 42.5” x 45” (146 x 108 x 114cm) (LWH) excluding auger.

  • 230/460V, 3-phase motor options in 60 or 50Hz configurations (specify desired power).

  • 2-way forklift entries for flexible loading and access.

  • Pneumatic vibrator for anti-bridging control (prevents clogging of powders or other fillers).

  • Includes screen for helping to prevent bag scraps and other debris from reaching auger.

  • Includes chain clamps for securing Bulk Bag Suspender to Ground Hopper.


Did you know?
Gruber produces a variety of other Ground Hoppers for metering of other powders, granules, and aggregates such as sand, pea gravel, pebbles, stones, and abrasive materials. We can custom configure a Ground Hopper to your specific needs for other materials or applications. Please call to discuss your needs.

This Ground Hopper includes an auger designed for powder or granules, but it can be substituted with a variety of augers for processing larger aggregates or specialty materials. Auger lengths can be modified for your preferred discharge height. Additional agitation system options can be added for difficult-to-process materials. Gruber Bulk Bag Gantries and Conveyors can be added to further automate your production efficiency.

Eliminate the back-breaking work of manually loading bulk filler for your production process, and benefit from reduced labor costs and improved safety by automating your bulk filler handling and conveying processes.


Description/Order No.
Ground Hopper, Weight Loss, Including Scale & PLC Module, Add Crating - #150450


Bulk Bag Suspender Frame – #150160
Motor-Driven Mechanical Agitation – #166779
Air Pad Vibrating System – #165768


Bulk Filler Management Accessories

Gruber Ground Hoppers accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler. The Ground Hopper is one element of a complete bulk filler handling system. Gruber offers a number of other bulk filler handling accessories further automate or customize its integration into your workflow:

Bulk Bag Suspender Frame Bulk Bag Gantry Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor Suspender Cross Frame
 BulkBagSus100  166200 325 BBConvey wPallet150   suspender cross frame130
Hangs a bulk bag above a Ground Hopper - doubling the capacity of the Ground Hopper. The Bulk Bag Gantry aids lifting of bulk bags into position (over the bulk bag suspender). Two sizes - 10’ or 15' Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor easily transports super sacks to the ground hopper. Accessory to a Bulk Bag Gantry to lift/suspend the Bulk Bag.