Small Aggregate PC Ground Hopper

Auger-based Ground Hopper configured for processing of smaller aggregates such as sand, small pea gravel, as well as powders such as calcium carbonate or dolomite often used in Polymer Concrete and other cast polymer manufacturing applications.

  • For any application requiring small aggregate and powder fillers
The Small Aggregate Ground Hopper automates the supply of smaller sized aggregates such as sand, granules and very small pea gravel, up to perhaps 1/8" diameter. It can also accomodate sand, granules and even powders and lightweight powders - although its performance is not optimal for those powders and we don't recommend you use it for that.

The function of all Gruber Ground Hoppers is to automate the supply of bulk fillers to the metering hoppers mounted on top of the Autocaster™ continuous casting machine, as well as to the metering hopper atop our Batchmaster™ series of metering systems. The Small Aggregate Ground Hopper is designed to accomodate larger sized such quartz, pea gravel or small rock, as well as smaller aggregates such as sand and pea gravel.

Note: if you are considering use of any aggregate larger than sand or very small pea gravel, you should consider our Large Aggregate Ground Hopper instead.

Gruber Ground Hoppers accommodate either bulk bags (super sacks) or individual bags of filler. The Ground Hopper is one element of a complete bulk filler handling system. Gruber offers a number of other bulk filler handling accessories further automate or customize its integration into your workflow. Bulk Bag Roller Conveyor easily transports super sacks to the ground hopper. Bulk Bag Suspender Frame allows suspension of extra bulk filler material (bulk bags) above the ground hopper for additional processing capabilities. The Bulk Bag Gantry aids lifting of bulk bags into position (over the bulk bag suspender).

Like our other Ground Hoppers, this unit reduces the labor, inconvenience and difficulty of loading a metering hopper mounted high atop the Autocaster or Batchmaster system. Since the Autocaster greatly increases your production capability and ability to cast a LOT of product very quickly, Ground Hoppers are really an essential part of an automated casting system. With a Ground Hopper as part of your automated casting system, you will reduce labor costs, improves production efficiencies, reduces wastage (material cost), and likely reduces overhead cost. You will also likely reduce possible injuries to employees and employee "wear and tear" by eliminating the back breaking work of continually loading the metering hopper as your Autocaster very quickly uses that filler material!

All Gruber Auger-transport Ground Hoppes include these standard features:

  • 500 cu/in per minute throughput capacity (based on calcium carbonate blends)

  • Overall height 57.5” x 42.5” x 45” (LWH) excluding auger

  • Large, rugged 15 cubic feet capacity bin constructed of 12 gauge carbon steel

  • Powerful 3 HP 120/230/460 volt motor

  • Sealed dust tight drive and idler bearings with transmission ratio of 10:1 (standard)

  • 2-way forklift entries for convenient positioning

  • Screen for reducing introduction of bag scraps and other debris from reaching auger

  • Chain clamps for securing bulk bag hopper support

The Polymer Concrete Ground Hopper differs from Gruber’s standard Ground Hopper by incorporating heavier-duty, “industrial-strength” components that withstand the processing of abrasive aggregates like those found in Polymer Concrete. These key features include:

  • Reinforced auger tube for extended durability and lifespan.
  • Strengthened progressive auger for longer wear life and to reduce weight in the lifting tube.
  • Feed shutoff slide to allow the auger to empty before stopping preventing binding at startup and reduced weight in tube when at rest.

Before Ordering this, consider these points:

This Small Aggregate Ground Hopper is designed to transport smaller aggregates such as sand, granules and very small pea gravel.  If you require any aggregate larger than these fillers, we recommend you consider the Large Aggregate Ground Hopper instead. If you are using a highly abrasive aggregate or aggregates larger than 3/8", then please consider the Belt-Drive Abrasive Aggregate Ground Hopper.  If you are running only powders, consider the standard Powder Auger-Drive Ground Hopper, or for transporting lightweight fillers over extended distances, refer to the Pneumatic Lightweight Powder Ground Hopper. This Aggregate Ground Hopper can process powders, but its performance is not optimal for those materials. This Aggregate Ground Hopper can process powders, but its performance is not optimal for those materials.

Description/Order No.
Polymer Concrete Ground Hopper – Small Aggregate Version - #1000AGHPCS

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Note: Gruber produces a variety of other Ground Hoppers for metering of other composite materials, and can custom configure a Ground Hopper to your specific needs for other materials or applications. Please call to discuss your needs.