replacement vibrator isolation bushings for Gruber Vibe Tables

Replacement Vibrator Isolation Bushings for Gruber Vibration Tables (Vibe Tables)

These vibrator isolation bushings take a pounding, and eventually wear out. They're organized by the type and age Gruber Vibe Table you own. If you need any assistance, please call:

023007 SM

Vibrator Isolation Bushings for "New Style" Gruber Vibration Tables.

Note: "New Style" means Gruber Pneumatic Vibration Tables constructed of Tubular Steel Frame members.

Order Information:
Replacement Kit of 8 Bushings (to replace all 8 bushings) - #023007K
Note: No longer sold individually.


"Old Gruber Vibe Table Style" Vibration Tables Replacement Bushings

For use with old style (no longer manufactured) Gruber pneumatic Vibration Tables with channel top frames. Old Style "stepped" vibe bushing, for use with old style tables with channel top frames. NOTE: Call before ordering. Limited Supplies available.

Order Information:
Replacement Bushing (Each) - #023008

023005 SM

Black Vibe Bushings - for Electric Vibe Tables

Order Information:
Replacement Bushing (Each) #023005
Replacement Kit of 8 Bushings (to replace all 8 bushings) - #023005K