A variety of replacement wheels and casters are available to fit most Gruber equipment. Note: these replacement wheels/casters are also listed on the product page for the product for which they are used.


Duraflo Pump Stand

350 lb Blender Pot Dolly

Replacement Wheels for 350 lb Pot Dolly


At left above: Rear Swivel Wheel, includes bracket as shown, Each - #083070

At right above: Standard Front Wheel, sold individually - #083069 (note: two required to replace set)

Note: Each front wheel includes a pressed in bearing.

Conveyor Skate Wheel250

"Standard" Skate Wheels


Two ordering options, either with or without the nut and bolt used to attach them:

  • Standard 2" Steel Skatewheel for Wheelways (No Nut and Bolt), Each – #1100390
  • Standard 2" Steel Wheel Assembly for Wheelways - includes 1 Skate Wheel, with Nut and Bolt as shown, Set – #110039
Note: Ships disassembled.
Quiet Wheel Vib250

Premium "Quiet Style" Skate Wheels with Integral Bearing

Quiet Wheel Assy Vib250

"Quiet Type" Wheel Assembly - this is a complete wheel assembly, including premium integral wheel bearing, plus the Aluminum Bushings (qty 2), and 1 Bolt and 1 Hex Nut – #0831400

Separate parts also available:

  • Wheel Bearing only (no aluminum bushings, bolt or nut) - #0831261
  • Aluminum Bushing (2 required, but sold individually - order two per wheel) - #0831260
  • Bolt, Each (1103119)
  • Hex Nut, Each (1103117)
Note: Ships disassembled.

4inCart VGroove250

Replacement 4" V-Groove Wheel

Wheel, Standard, Rigid, 4” V-Groove, Each – #083090



Replacement 6" V-Groove Wheel

HiBoy Bearings

6″ V-Groove Wheel, with two pressed bearings  (close up shown above), Each - #0830939

Note: Wheel may be ordered without the two pressed bearings (#110080)

Other related items:

axle hiboy

Axle, with Grease Fitting included, Each – #1100741

Each 6" V-Groove Wheel includes 1 each of the following bearings, which may also be ordered separately:

  • Bearing Roller, 1" - #110078
  • Bearing Roller, 1.25"- #110079