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Our standard Model 14-07-09 Gel Coat Spray Booth is designed specifically for the spray application of gelcoat to molds. Utilizing an advanced filtration system and blower, the Gel Coat Spray Booth virtually eliminates gelcoat vapors from the shop, creating a healthier, safer and more environmentally-friendly work place for your employees.


Key features:

  • Our standard model is 14' width x 7' height x 9' depth (4.26m x 2.133m x 2.743m) inside clearance, but other sizes are available.
  • Choice of no door, 1 door or 2-door configurations
  • Custom configurations available

 Above: no door model shown


Booth Features include:

  • The standard base unit (#165271C) includes no doors, but either 1 or 2 optional pneumatically operated doors can be added for convenient "pass-through" access to the curing line (for example to easily transport gelcoated molds to a Gel Coat Curing Oven).

  • Each booth comes complete with a powerful exhaust system to confine gel coat overspray to the inside of the booth, while simultaneously exhausting vapors from the plant. A solenoid valve is provided, which meets national standards for such equipment, preventing the operator from spraying gel coat without the exhaust fan being activated.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 18 gauge sheet metal construction

  • Insulated Duct Kit, 12' Elevation (higher ceilings require optional duct extensions)

  • Powerful 5 HP, 3-phase 32" Fan

  • RP filtration system with 32 replaceable filter elements (replacements available)

  • Manometer (draft gauge) for measuring air flow

  • Brightly lit, three 4-tube florescent light fixtures, with 48" Skybright 90 High Lumen bulbs, 32 watts each

  • Control panel

Order Information

Notice: Always check with applicable regulatory agencies before planning for a gelcoat spray booth installation to determine appropriate venting methodology.

Booth Configurations (Note: Other Booth sizes available - call!)
Model 14-7-9 Gelcoat Spray Booth, 14' x 7' x 9' (427cm x 213cm x 274cm) (WHD), No Door - #165271C
Model 14-7-9-1 Gelcoat Spray Booth, 14' x 7' x 9' (WHD), One (1) Door - #165271-1C*
Model 14-7-9-2 Gelcoat Spray Booth, 14' x 7' x 9' (WHD), Two (2) Doors - #165271-2C*
*Note: Crating is NOT included for optional pneumatic doors.

Manometer (Draft Gauge) - #1110512
M-60 Sub Micronic Air Filter Assembly - #111095
Replacement Filter Element, M-723 - #111096
RP Filters, 70 pieces/case - #1110510
Pneumatic Door Kit (add a single door) - #110120
Florescent Lights, 32 Watts, 48" Skybrite - #165273 (sold individually)

Crate - Pneumatic Door Assembly - #CEPNEUDR


Installation Note: Gelcoat spray booths should be hardwired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.


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