Mold Transfer

Any exchange cart that moves, transfers or positions molds in a production line. Note: This category includes both Exchange Carts and the Casting Tables (Mechanized Casting Table (aka "MCT").

Transfer molds either before from one conveyor line to another.
Transfer molds from one conveyor line to another using our single-wide or double-wide Gruber Standard Exchange Carts.
Transfer molds to and from elevated or multi-level conveyor or mold storage systems

Transfer molds to and from elevated or multi-level conveyor systems. Use of these carts with a multi-level conveyor either for storage or production can dramatically reduce storage space required in a typical cultured marble plant.

Tilt and Rotate carts are specifically designed to transfer molds through the gelcoat application, simplifying the gel coat spray process considerably.
Tilt and rotate exchange cart

Tilt and Rotate carts are specifically designed to transfer molds through the gelcoat application, and simplify the gelcoat spray process by making all surfaces of a mold easily accessible to allow proper gelcoat spraying.

There are multiple configurations of this unit, available in either 10' or 12' lengths, depending on your needs:

  • Tilt and Rotate
  • Tilt only
  • Rotate only

The Tilt/Rotate version is by far the most popular, as this unit speeds up the gel coat process by elevating and rotating the mold mounted on the unit a full 360° in one mode, and lifting them to a 30° angle in another mode. This mobility allows the spray gun operator to stand on one side of the cart throughout the entire spraying process. An integral mold support table elevates and rotates the mold and the cart conveyor track tilts it. This cart is compatible with Gruber Spray Booths and Gruber Conveyor Systems, and can accommodate most Gruber molds.  In addition to being energy-efficient, the Tilt/Rotate Cart reduces operator fatigue and injuries. Use of the cart assist in more even gel coat coverage of the mold surface. Tilt and Rotate carts feature heavy-duty steel construction, galvanized steel wheelway with steel skate conveyor wheel, easy rolling V-groove wheels, pneumatic operation for hazardous areas, heavy-duty steel rotate plate, and durable powder coating for easy cleanup and protection.

12' Tilt/Rotate Gelcoat Cart Specifications:

Height: 28”  (to top of wheelway)
Width: 21-1/2”
Length: 120 - 144”
Wheel Depth: 36”
Wheel Base: 72”
Width: 20-1/8” (from wheel center to wheel center)
Tilt: Lever operated, pneumatic cylinder driven for a maximum of 40° of forward tilt.
Rotate: Lever-operated, pneumatic cylinder driven for 4” of lift off of the wheelway enabling 360° of rotation.

Product Variations

The primary function of Gelcoat Exchange Carts are to position a mold properly for application of Gelcoat in the Gelcoat Spray Booth. The mold is positioned on the cart, and the cart is rolled into the spray booth, where gelcoat is sprayed onto the entire mold surface in preparation for casting.


Tilt/Rotate Gelcoat Cart
10' - #083160
12' - #083161

tr cart 250x

Tilt-only Gelcoat Cart
10' - #0830610
10' (No Wheelway) - #0831413
12' - #0830611

0830612 250x

Rotate-Only Gelcoat Cart
10' - #0830612
12' - #0830613




Order Information (Description/Cat. No.)

Tilt & Rotate Carts
Tilt/Rotate Gelcoat Cart, 10’ - #083160
Tilt/Rotate Gelcoat Cart, 12’ - #083161 (View Spare/Replacement Parts List)
Tilt Only Gelcoat Cart, 10’ - #0830610
Tilt Only Cart, 10’ No Wheelway - #0831413
Tilt Only Gelcoat Cart, 12’ - #0830611
Rotate Only Gelcoat Cart, 10’ - #0830612
Rotate Only Gelcoat Cart, 12’ - #0830613

Cart Track 10' - #083087
Standard Rigid V-Groove Caster - #083090
Standard Steel Wheelway Wheel (with Nut and Bolt) - #110039
Tilt/Rotate Cart Hose Reel - #111382
Joy Pendant Station - Up/Down - #110081
Cart Track Stops - #162390

Crate, Tilt/Rotate Carts - #CETRCART
Crate, Cart Track - #CETRAC

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Elevating and Vibrating Transversing Casting (EVTC) Exchange Cart

The Elevating/Vibrating/Transversing Casting (EVTC) Exchange Cart is generally installed on the production conveyor line, directly under a casting machine (such as our Autocaster continuous casting machine).

When a tall/deep mold (eg bathtub mold) is ready for mold filling, this (vibrating) cart can be lowered to reduce the lip height of the mold, making it easier and more convenient to fill the mold.. This casting cart also includes vibration as well.

Once casting is complete, the cart is raised back to its normal conveyor height, where the filled mold can then continue down the production conveyor line for demolding, etc.

  • Lowers the height of a deep mold during casting to make it easier for the operator to fill the mold
  • Includes vibration
  • Inserted into the conveyor line beneath the casting machine
  • Unpowered (for similar product with power elevation adjustment, see XYZ Casting Table)
Reposition and adjust height to optimize your existing conveyor for use with the Gruber Autocaster casting system.

Precise X,Y,Z motion control for mold positioning during casting with automated casting machines such as Gruber’s Autocaster continuous casting system.

The Ball Cart allows repositioning and height adjustments to your existing conveyor system for molds moving on a conveyor line to the Autocaster casting machine.

The Ball Cart allows repositioning and height adjustments of molds traveling down your conveyor line to the casting machine or batch mixer.