Mold Transfer Carts are any exchange cart that moves, transfers or positions molds in a production line, including:

Standard Exchange Cart

Standard Exchange Carts

Transfer molds from one conveyor line to another using our single-wide or double-wide Gruber Standard Exchange Carts.

Hi-Boy Elevating Exchange Cart

Hi-Boy Elevating Exchange Carts

Transfer molds to and from elevated or multi-level conveyor systems. Use of these carts with a multi-level conveyor either for storage or production can dramatically reduce storage space required in a typical cultured marble plant.

Tilt and Rotate Exchange Cart

Tilt/Rotate Gelcoat Exchange Carts

Tilt and Rotate carts are specifically designed to transfer molds through the gelcoat application, and simplify the gelcoat spray process by making all surfaces of a mold easily accessible to allow proper gelcoat spraying.

Elevating, Vibrating and Transversing Casting Exchange Cart

Elevating/Vibrating/Transversing Casting (EVTC) Exchange Cart

The Elevating/Vibrating/Transversing Casting (EVTC) Exchange Cart is generally installed on the production conveyor line, directly under a casting machine (such as our Autocaster continuous casting machine).

XYZ or MCT Casting Table

XYZ Mechanized Casting Table (MCT)

Precise X,Y,Z motion control for mold positioning during casting with automated casting machines such as Gruber’s Autocaster continuous casting system.

Ball Carts

Ball Cart

The Ball Cart allows repositioning and height adjustments of molds traveling down your conveyor line to the casting machine or batch mixer.