Elevating and Vibrating Transversing Casting (EVTC) Exchange Cart

The Elevating/Vibrating/Transversing Casting (EVTC) Exchange Cart is generally installed on the production conveyor line, directly under a casting machine (such as our Autocaster continuous casting machine).

When a tall/deep mold (eg bathtub mold) is ready for mold filling, this (vibrating) cart can be lowered to reduce the lip height of the mold, making it easier and more convenient to fill the mold.. This casting cart also includes vibration as well. Once casting is complete, the cart is raised back to its normal conveyor height, where the filled mold can then continue down the production conveyor line for demolding, etc.

  • Lowers the height of a deep mold during casting to make it easier for the operator to fill the mold
  • Includes vibration
  • Inserted into the conveyor line beneath the casting machine
  • Unpowered (for similar product with power elevation adjustment, see XYZ Casting Table)


Height - 28” (to top of roller)
Width - 24”
Length - 120 - 144”
Wheel Depth - 36”
Wheel Base - 72”
Wheelway Width - 20-1/8” (wheeel center to wheel center)

Description/Order No.

Elevating Vibrating Transversing Casting Cart 13’ - #083084

Black Vibe Table Bushings - #023005
#41 Vibrator - #08302014
#41 Vibrator Muffler - #08302015
Cart Track 10’ - #083087
6” V-Groove Wheel With Bearing - #0830939
Vibe Table Wheel Assembly Wheel (complete with two bushings, nut & bolt) - #0831400
Cart Track Stops - #162390

Crate, Casting Cart - #CEEVTC
Crate, Cart Track - #CETRAC