XYZ Mechanized Casting Table

Precise X,Y,Z motion control for mold positioning during casting with automated casting machines such as Gruber’s Autocaster continuous casting system.


The XYZ Mechanized Casting Table (MCT) is designed for use with Gruber's Autocaster™ Continuous Casting Systems and other batch and continuous casting systems making the process of positioning the mold vertically under the Autocaster much simpler. Cart allowing repositioning and height adjustments to your existing conveyor system and the Autocaster.

The table makes the process of casting small to large molds simpler by automating vertical movement of the mold to properly position it under the Autocaster so that matrix can easily pour down into the mold.

Variable speed motorized movement in all directions - side/side (X), back/forth (XY) and up/down (Z) allows an operator to position a mold precisely where its needed during casting. The Mechanized Casting Table (MCT) easily handles the smallest to the largest of molds - from small modular to large panel molds.  With the built-in Z-Drive, tubs can be placed in the proper position for casting. The removable hand-held motion control unit allows the operator to walk to either end of the cart while still controlling the motion.

For tub molds, the cart is lowered from the standard 28” height down to 20” to allow a tub mold to fit underneath the Autocaster barrel. It can then be raised back up to the original 28” height so the mold can be transferred to a conveyor and move down the line. The unit comes standard with an electric vibration system to release trapped air for a higher quality product.

The XYZ also has a control option for high or low-speed that can be used for quick movement over larger distances or slower but more precise movement to bring the mold to the exact positioning desired.

Technical Description

X and Y motion is controlled through inverter driven AC motors (explosion proof available) couple to fixed ratio transmissions. Heavy-duty roller chain on the x-axis handles molds with track or flat bottoms. Posi-traction through a solid axle connected to V-Groove wheels provides Y motion for the cart on V-Track, with travel limited only by the length of the track and electrical wire followers. Height control is obtained through an AC motor driving an enclosed precision ball screw.

User-friendly operator controls are mounted on an extension from the front of the cart. The control panel includes a keyed control lockout, emergency stop, vibrator switch and wired remote. Controls on the wired remote include a joystick for X and Y motion, control for Z height (X, Y and Z model only), and an additional emergency stop switch. The remote provides 10’ (3.05m) travel from the main control panel.


  • Joystick on wired remote for X and Y positioning
  • Control option for high or low speed
  • Integrated electric vibrator
  • Inverter controls for variable speed X and Y motion
  • Flat top cart for safety and easy cleanup
  • V-Groove drive for Y motion
  • Heavy-duty roller chain for X motion


  • Explosion-proof motors
  • Explosion-proof electric vibrator

MCT Casting Table Top View

XYZ front 5518
XYZ side 5518


Description/Order No.

XYZ Cart Configurations:
15 ft. MCT with 3-dimensional controls (X,Y and Z axis) - #150110
Required Crating (Casting Cart) - #CEEVTC
Related Accessories:
Wheel, V-Groove, Cast 8” diameter - #08314500
Cart Track, 10” - #083087
Cart Track Stops - #162390
XYZ Controls - #150110C
Cart Track Crating - #CETRACK

Replacement Parts:

XYZ Transfer Cart Lift Spring -  (Z Axis lift assisted spring). 4 used on system - #0832045
Equipment Requirements:
All Models should be hard-wired to an appropriate circuit by a qualified electrician to meet your local electrical codes. Additional controls may be necessary to meet your local regulations. Any additional requirements needed to deem this equipment operational will be obtained by buyer at buyers expense.


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