Application: Precise X and Y axis motion control for precise mold positioning during casting when using Gruber’s Autocaster™ continuous casting system or other batch or continuous casting systems.


Designed for use with Gruber Systems' Autocaster continuous casting machine, as well as other casting or batching machines.

XY Axis motion control mechanized casting table

On an Autocaster machine, the matrix is dispensed from a fixed mixing barrel above a mold. The XY MCT allows you to effortlessly adjust the exact position and placement of the mold while casting to ensure even, consistent filling of the mold. For large, heavy and complex molds, this is an important requirement.

Two heavy-duty roller chains on the x-axis handles molds with track or flat bottoms. To allow for movement in the Y axis (forward/backward), the entire XY MCT Table is installed on roller Cart V-Track to potentially allow for considerable travel length, limited only by your installed Cart Track length.

X and Y axis motion is controlled through inverter driven AC motors (explosion-proof available) coupled to fixed ratio transmissions. A heavy-duty electric vibrator is included and mounted on the table to facilitate vibration during or after casting.


Convenient Push-Button Operation

A Control Panel is mounted on an extension arm on the front of the cart, and provides for simple, effective push button operation. Conveniently control the X-Y motion, either side-to-side (X), or forward/backward (Y). The control systems also includes variable speed controls that can accelerate mold movement over larger distances or low, precise movement to precisely position a mold. The control panel also includes an Emergency Stop, Vibrate on/off button and a keyed control lockout.


  • Control option for high or low speed
  • Integrated electric vibrator
  • Inverter controls for variable speed X and Y motion
  • Flat top cart for safety and easy cleanup
  • V-Groove drive for Y motion
  • Two heavy-duty roller chains for X motion
  • Optional explosion-proof motors & vibrator

Order Information:

  • Mechanized Casting Table (MCT), XY-Axis Control, 15 ft (4.5m) - add Crating - #150111
  • Cart Track 10' (304.8cm) single piece (two units required for 10' run) - #083087

Call for other length tables
If variable height adjustment is needed in addition to X and Y axis control (for example for casting of tall bathtub molds), please refer to our XYZ Mechanized Casting Table.

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