Replacement Parts and Accessories for Gruber Vibration Tables.

These and other components may be required as replacement parts for your Gruber Vibe Table. If you don't see what you need, please call!

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Replacement Vibe Table Wheels

The "Quiet Type" Wheel Assembly for Vibration Table includes Bearing, 2 Bushings, Nut & Bolt, and is used for both electric and pneumatic Vibe Tables.

Vibe Tables

Note: A 12' Vibe Table utilizes 34 of the assemblies shown above, and a 10' Vibe Table utilizes 30 assemblies.

Order Information:
Complete "Quiet Type" Wheel Assembly - #0831400
Replacement Aluminum Insert/Bushing only (no bearing or nut and bolt) - #0831260
Replacement Bearing only (no bushings/inserts or nut and bolt) - #0831261
Replacement Nut only - #1103117
Replacement Bolt only - #1103119

Vibe Table Vibrators

Replacement Vibe Table Vibrators

View our selection of Replacement vibrators used on all types of Gruber Vibration Tables:

  • Pneumatic Ball Type
  • Pneumatic Turbine Type
  • Electric Type
Vibration Table bushings

Vibrator Isolation Bushings

Review our Vibrator Isolation Bushings page for our complete selection on all our isolator bushings, including New Style and Old Style Retrofits for pneumatic and electric vibe tables


Vibe Table Hose Assembly

Order Information:
3' (0.914m) - #0830828
5' (1.524m) - #0830834


Vibe Table Wheelways

Order Information:
for 10 ft Vibe Table - #1100453
for 12’ Vibe Table - #1100455