ThermaClean Mixing Vessel Cleaning System

Mixing Vessel Wash System

The MARBLECLEAN™ System encompasses a “total system” marble washer approach to an otherwise time and labor-intensive process of cleaning mixing vessels for production - including the MARBLECLEAN marblewash machine and the MARBLEWASH Cleaner.

The MARBLECLEAN Machine cleans all cultured marble and solid surface formulations in just 5-15 minutes. It cleans both the inside and outside of marble pots - eliminating cross-contamination from batch colors. It replaces the time-consuming process of hand washing marble pots, mixing blades, and tools with hazardous solvents such as acetone or methylene chloride. MARBLECLEAN saves time and money by allowing you to be more efficient and productive. The triple-action air-powered, non-metallic, explosion-proof motor is designed to fill, empty and clean marble pots and tools with safety in mind. It includes special racks for cleaning tools and blades, and an air safety switch to prevent accidental spraying.

The MARBLECLEAN machine resembles a giant dishwasher and has been designed for easy loading of all sizes of marble pots (except the GS2000). It will clean your pots inside and out. Special racks are included for cleaning tools and blades. The machine operates pneumatically and can be located anywhere in your plant. No electrical wiring is needed. The triple function pump fills, empties and cleans.

Gruber offers three product configurations of the MARBLECLEAN Pot Washer - with or without MARBLECLEAN Cleaner solution, and a choice of two sizes - the standard GS1500 compatible cleaner (for cleaning mixing pots from our GS1500 vacuum mixers), and the larger GS2000 compatible pot washer (for cleaning our largest GS2000 mixer).

Order Information
THERMACLEAN MARBLEWASH MW750 Pot Washer Machine for the GS1700 / GS2000 Vacuum Mixer, Crated - #111469
THERMACLEAN MARBLEWASH MW550 Pot Washer Machine for the GS1500 Vacuum Mixer, Crated - #111680
Crating (required)
Note: Spare and replacement parts (such as Air Kits, Air Regulators, Check Ball Cages etc) for these products are available - call for more information.

Pot Washer Materials


Non-hazardous, solvent based cleaner specially formulated for use in the MARBLECLEAN machine to remove cultured marble and solid surface matrix from mixing pots and tools. Also an efficient, cost-effective cleaner for continuous mixing equipment like our Autocaster series.

• Anti-gelling chemistry lasts longer and is more economical
• High flash point - reduces risk of fire
• Low evaporation rate reduces solvent loss, lowers costs, saves VOCs
• Low toxicity increases worker safety and productivity
• Non-hazardous by DOT regulation is safer to ship and store

MARBLEWASH® Cleaner is a non-hazardous, solvent-based cleaner specially formulated for use in the MARBLECLEAN machine to remove cultured marble and solid surface matrix from mixing pots and tools. Use for dip tank cleaning of pots and tools. It has been specially formulated to be low cost, yet capable of handling highly catalyzed resin loadings without gelling. The allows marble manufacturers to clean more pots per drum for less money (and time)!

Order Information
MARBLEWASH 095-0113 Cleaner- 55 Gallon (approx. 490 lbs) Drum - Each - #08062

Note: In the state of California, local regulatory requirements may limit or prevent the use of THERMACLEAN MARBLEWASH material. For more information, consult with the California AQMD, review the material MSDS, and consult with applicable regulatory requirements governing your location.


• No hazy film buildup for high luster finished parts and easier identification of manufacturing defects.
• High flash point - reduces risk of fire
• Low toxicity for a safer working environment
• Multi-purpose cleaner reduces cleaner inventory and record keeping

Water-based cleaner for use on FRP tooling, molded and cast parts, and metal, glass and vinyl surfaces. NO RINSE removes overspray of uncured gel coat and laminating resins, adhesive, sealant and wax. NO RINSE effectively removes slipperiness associated with dibasic based cleaners. Replaces hazardous solvents such as acetone, MEK, mineral spirits, lacquer thinner, and other water-based cleaners. Cleans all surfaces, leaving a glossy finish without residue or wipe marks.

Order Information
6 Gallon “Hedpak” Bottle with handle, 50 lbs (sold per lb) - #0950113