For Cast Polymer Casting Applications

Drop Edge Style, with 1-1/2" Drop-OG Edge Profile, 22-1/2" overall Depth, with integral 4" Backsplash.

138 decknb dropog 22292 330
138 Edge 22292 160

NOTICE: Dimensions shown above are ESTIMATED FINISHED (CAST) PRODUCT DIMENSIONS, and are NOT mold dimensions. This is an exception compared to the dimensions shown on most other Gruber mold drawings.

Available in 146" (370.8cm) length only.

138 length 22292 146x22 5


Length/Description/Order Number

No Bowl Deck Mold, 138-NB-146 Drop OG Edge, Crated C-100 - #22292
Mold Options:
Black Divider 138 Drop OG Left - #011405R       
Black Divider 138 Drop OG Right - #011406R
Black Divider 138 Drop OG Front - #011407R
Mold Track - #OP061
Note: Cast weight approximately 1.55 lb/linear inch.