Now, all the splendor of ancient Greece can be yours with the fluted Grecian Column Mold from Gruber Systems:

22811 275w7-5/8" Diameter x 8' Tall Round Column Mold

22811 joined
Recreate the ageless beauty of Greece with this Grecian Column mold from Gruber Systems. Each column mold is a half-round column that is 7-5/8" (16.8cm) in diameter and a full 8' (244cm) long. A fiberglass insert (Female Mold) make the column hollow and lightweight. Use the half-column as an accent against paneling, or bond the two halves together to create a self-standing column. Ideal as an accent for use around tub enclosures and other uses.
Above: Two cast parts are joined together to create a complete column.
Order Information - Grecian Column
Mold, Male Grecian Column Mold 180-11 - #22811
Mold, Female Grecian Column Mold FFL-180-11 - #428118
Divider, Yellow (Unreinforced) Column 180-11
* Cast Weight 64 lb (29kg)

NOTE: Column Bases are NO LONGER available for the Grecian Column Mold.

Mold Net Weights
Grecian Column #22811 - 107 lb (49kg)
Female, Grecian Column 180-11 #428118 - 27 lb (12kg)

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